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Planning a night out? Whether its date night or a girls night — add a pop of color and up your glam game with a red lip. A bold red lip makes a powerful, strong statement that instantly elevates any look. But when it comes to rocking a red lipstick — it can mean any number of shades! There are cool reds, warm reds, bright reds, dark reds, and so many more lipstick shades. With so many rich, rosy or romantic red lip colors, it can be hard to choose the perfect red lipstick. 

We reached out to the red lipstick expert, Gabriela Hernandez, founder and creator of Bésame Cosmetics for some expert tips on choosing the perfect red lipstick shade for a big night out.

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Finding Your Lipstick Color is All About Undertones

No matter what your complexion is, your skin has undertones that affect the way colors look on you. With so many red shades, you will get the most flattering results if you match your skin’s undertone to the tone of the red lipstick shade. Your skin’s undertones are neutral, cool, or warm.

One of the easiest ways to figure out your skin’s undertones is to think about what jewelry looks best on you. If gold looks best, you have warm undertones. If silver looks better, you have cool undertones. And if you’re equally happy with how both gold and silver look on you, you have neutral undertones.

If you are not sure about how to choose your red lipstick, take Gabriela’s quiz for your perfect shade.

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Long-Wearing Lipstick

You don’t want to constantly be running to the bathroom to adjust your lipstick on a big night out, so how can you keep that look going? First, choose a high-quality lipstick formulation that doesn’t feather. Quality ingredients equal a quality product and finish. When you choose a quality lipstick, it’s more likely to keep up with you and stay put for the night.

Here’s a tip from Gabriela for a long lasting red lipstick – ensuring it stays in place long after you’ve applied it. Simply hold a piece of tissue in front of your lips, then gently apply setting powder through the tissue. Tissue is porous, so some of the powder will go through without creating a dry, powdery finish. That’s it – just set it and forget it.

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1. Victory Red Lipstick

Victory Red lipstick is a brilliant, classic red lipstick with cool undertones and a blue base. This is a dazzling shade that will pick up the highlights of blue eyes. This lip color dates back to the 1940’s and was inspired by the courage of the women of World War ll. Pair it with a bright red dress and make a strong statement on your night out.

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You have cool undertones.
  • You have blonde hair.
  • You have blue eyes.

Victory Red Lipstick

2. Fairest Red Lipstick

Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? You, of course, when you step out wearing Fairest Red lipstick. This color is taken directly from Snow White’s iconic red lip and has a semi-matte finish that will stay put on your lips the whole night. This shade looks good on most skin tones. If your night out is at a wedding reception, this is a sweet and subtle shade of red that brings a pop of color to your look – without upstaging the bride.

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You have neutral or warm undertones.
  • You have black hair.
  • You love a night in with a classic Disney movie.

Fairest Red lipstick

3. Red Hot Red Lipstick

Red Hot Red is a true reproduction of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite shade of red lipstick. Need we say anymore? It is perfect for any sexy, sultry, romantic night out. It is a bombshell, fire-engine red with yellow undertones. This warm red lipstick will have you blazing with confidence as you wear it.

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You have warm undertones.
  • You have green eyes.
  • You’re obsessed with Hollywood’s bombshell beauties.

Red Hot Red Lipstick

4. Chocolate Kiss

Inspired by the carefree summer days of the 1970s, Chocolate Kiss is a brown red lipstick with warm, earthy, chocolate tones that tone down the red for a more neutral look that’s still stunning and bold. The semi-sheer finish is buildable, so this shade can be as barely-there or as deep as you like.

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You have warm undertones or a deeper skin tone.
  • You have red hair.
  • You have green or blue eyes.
  • You have sun-kissed skin and a free spirit.

Chocolate Kiss Lipstick

5. Holiday Red Lipstick

For some shimmer and sparkle on your night out, try our Holiday Red lipstick inspired by the festive 50’s. This warm, bright red lipstick features a sheer, glittery gold accent – and is never heavy or dry; you’ll look fabulously festive all night long.

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You have warm, cool, or neutral undertones.
  • Your favorite movie is White Christmas.
  • You want to add something extra to an ordinary night out.

Holiday Red Lipstick

6. Blood Red Lipstick

Sported by silent film stars and outspoken suffragettes alike, 1920s-inspired Blood Red is a warm, deep red lipstick that represents strength and courage. It is a bold, confident color that looks beautiful no matter your complexion. Dial up the drama and blot this shade to create a deep red lip stain.

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You have warm undertones.
  • You have a deeper skin tone.
  • You’re unapologetically outspoken and want lipstick as bold as you are.

Blood Red Lipstick

7. Noir Red Lipstick

This shade from the 1930s is a great red lipstick for dark skin tones with its deep, rich berry colors. The cool undertones of Noir Red are dark, dramatic and mysterious– perfect for a night of intrigue and romance!

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You have cool undertones.
  • You have a deeper skin tone.
  • You have brown eyes.
  • You like to bring some drama to your date night.

Noir Red Lipstick

8. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a powerful, romantic red with neutral to warm undertones that looks amazing with every complexion and every skin undertone. This is the perfect red lipstick for everyone. Our satin-finish, velvet red lipstick commands attention, ideal for a night out.

Try this red lipstick shade If…

  • You’ve never worn red lipstick before.
  • Aren’t sure about your skin tone, this looks good on everyone!
  • You want all eyes on you.

Red Velvet Lipstick

Which color will you choose for a night out? We would love to hear from you!

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