Beauty Experts Reveal the Most Viral Nail Trends of 2024 – Full Service

Beauty Experts Reveal the Most Viral Nail Trends of 2024 – Full Service

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In vibrant times where individuality is celebrated, the world of nail art has become a playground of creativity, with millions worldwide showcasing their design and styles on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

However, some manicures are timelier than others, with new research from beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha revealing the most on-trend nail designs for 2024. The research analyzed video and view counts for common manicure trends on TikTok, the number of hashtags on Instagram and average monthly Google searches to reveal which proved the most popular across the US. 

From classic French tips to bold chrome finishes, here are the top ten nail trends that have captured global attention so far this year. 

  1. Long Nails

Long nails have emerged as the most popular trend, gaining an impressive 11,287,446 combined views and posts across TikTok and Instagram.  

From unique designs to vibrant colors, long nails offer endless possibilities for personal expression. This is also particularly interesting given that shorter nail shapes proved popular last year.  

Yet despite their social media popularity, long nails have shown a comparatively modest average monthly search volume of 60,698 in the US, ranking as the sixth most-Googled trend.  

  1. French Manicure 

The timeless elegance of French manicured nails continues to capture hearts worldwide, with 9,406,341 combined views and posts showing off this iconic style.  

French nails also rank as the most popular nail trend in the United States, with an average monthly search volume of 205,703, according to Google.  

This appeal speaks volumes about the iconic charm of French manicures, seamlessly blending sophistication with simplicity. 

  1. Short Nails

Embracing minimalism and functionality, short nails have reached 6,338,707 combined social media views and posts, proving that less is indeed more for some. 

Short nails are the third most popular trend among Americans, with an average monthly search volume of 129,387. Despite dropping in popularity compared to last year, this will be good news for fans of a low maintenance manicure.  

  1. Almond Nails 

Known for their flattering shape and versatility, almond nails have gained 4,182,041 combined views and posts on Instagram and TikTok, highlighting the charm of this feminine style.  

Almond nails rank high in popularity in the US too, placing second after French nails with an average monthly search volume of 134,553.  

  1. Square Nails

With 3,118,309 combined Instagram and TikTok views and posts, square nails make a bold statement with their clean shapes and sharp look.  

Despite their popularity, square nails are not as searched for across the states, with an average monthly search volume of 44,499, placing seventh on the national ranking. 

Nevertheless, their viral presence on social media platforms reflects their appeal among those seeking a chic and modern nail look.

  1. Chrome Nails

Adding a touch of edge, chrome nails have a total of 2,750,114 social media views and posts, shimmering their way into the hearts of manicure enthusiasts worldwide. 

Chrome nails also hold a notable position in US search trends, with an average monthly volume of 118,509. The allure of chrome nails offers a high-shine finish that effortlessly elevates any manicure to red-carpet status. 

  1. Green Nails

Making a vibrant splash on social media, green nails have gained 1,736,528 combined views and posts, embracing nature’s hues just in time for spring.

Ranking fifth as the most searched-for trend in the US, green nails maintain a significant average monthly search volume of 67,233. 

  1. BIAB Nails

Offering durability and flexibility, BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) nails have captured the attention of 1,578,756 combined viewers and posters on Instagram and TikTok, providing a long-lasting solution for flawless manicures.  

BIAB nails may not rank as high in search volumes in the US, but their strong presence on social media platforms shows their growing popularity among those seeking a healthy and long-lasting manicure option. 

  1. Pastel Nails

    Embracing soft, muted tones, pastel nails have gained 955,785 combined views and posts, offering a delicate and feminine touch to any manicure.

    With 13,051 average monthly searches among Americans, pastel nails reflect their timeless appeal and versatility in complementing a wide range of styles and aesthetics.

  2. 3D Nails

Pushing the boundaries of nail art, 3D nails have amassed 835,654 combined views and posts, showcasing intricate designs that add depth and dimension to any manicure.

Despite their niche appeal, 3D nails offer a unique and eye-catching look that continues to captivate audiences both on social media and in search queries. 

Top ten viral nail trends of 2024 according to TikTok and Instagram 


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Speaking on the findings, a spokesperson from Fresha said: “The research not only unveils the hottest nail trends of the year but also offers fascinating insights into the ever-changing beauty industry. 

It’s clear that nail art isn’t just a trend—it’s a vibrant form of self-expression that continues to push boundaries and inspire creativity. As we analyze the data, we see how each trend reflects the dynamic tastes and preferences of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. From classic French manicures to daring 3D nail art, the nail industry is a testament to the endless possibilities for personal style. We hope to empower all to explore new trends and express themselves through their manicures!”

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