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In my professional capacity as a barber over the last four decades, I am constantly being asked for my favourite shaving soaps and creams. Having used countless products over the years, both on myself and my clients, here are a few from the USA that many from the UK may not have heard of yet but that get my seal of approval…and that of my esteemed clients. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, however, these three products have stood out to me and remain ever present in my personal and professional shaving armoury.



Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave CreamBurke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream


Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream

In a world where so many “professional barbers” with minimal training and experience have materialised over the last decade and, as a result, are frankly sub-standard at best, Craig The Barber certainly bucks that trend with his excellent knowledge and experience. Indeed, his awareness of the need to educate gents on the correct way to shave inspired him to evaluate, design and produce his own shaving products. The result is the superlative Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream.

Delicately fragranced and rich in skin-enhancing natural ingredients, this premium shave cream delivers excellent results time and time again. As with all ‘quality’ products, a little goes a long way!

Designed by an experienced and well respected expert in the field of male grooming, this shave cream entered my ‘inner sanctum’ of quality shaving products a number of years ago where it remains and never disappoints!



NY Tonsorial Shaving SoapNY Tonsorial Shaving Soap

Tonsorial Shaving Soap – The New York Shaving Company

I was first introduced to this stunningly fragranced shaving soap, again quite a few years ago now, by Mark Herro (

Indeed, I have found myself lathering up a little too much on occasions as I become intoxicated in the heavenly mix of this soap’s scent together with the exquisite sensation of applying very warm water to the lather on my face!

As well as the amazing fragrance, however, this soap – and all the other shaving soaps/creams from the TNYSC that I have tried – produces a rich, quality lather which lasts throughout the shave and helps keep the moisture in the skin thus enabling a smooth shaving experience.

If I’m ever in the New Jersey area, I will be sure to call in to The New York Shaving Company’s world famous barbershop for a bit of pampering under the blade. It will make a welcome change from myself being the one wielding the blade!



MB Dragon's Blood Shaving SoapMB Dragon's Blood Shaving Soap



   Dragon’s Blood – Mamma Bears Soaps


Again, I was introduced to this ‘cottage industry’ product by Mark Herro, I cannot even begin to describe the scent of this shaving soap. It is absolutely stunning and, I guarantee, like no other soap or cream you will have ever come across before by way of scent!

However, any shaving product that is to pass the Village Barber ‘quality test’, needs to have more about it than simply a great fragrance. It has to imbue all the necessary qualities and results that is expected from any quality shaving soap or cream. That is…..

  • Produce a rich, luxuriant lather which maintains its moisture throughout your shave.
  • Contain a synergistic blend of (preferably) natural ingredients which will act to protect your skin from the razor blade/s before, during, and after the shave.
  • Leave your skin feeling smooth and regenerated after the shave.

Developing and producing a shaving soap or shaving cream that stands out from a rather glutted market is no easy task in today’s world. However, there are some that do and the above three all get my thumbs up!

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