Celebrity Stylist and African Pride Ambassador Launch Haircare Regime with the brand’s newest Product Collection

Celebrity Stylist and African Pride Ambassador Launch Haircare Regime with the brand’s newest Product Collection

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Dionte Gray, also known as Arrogant Tae, is a well-known hairstylist, wig expert, and social media personality from America. He gained popularity by sharing incredible hair transformations through photos and videos on his Instagram account. Not only that, but he also established his own brand called “The Flawless Experience.”

Exciting news! Arrogant Tae has been chosen as the first stylist ambassador for Africa Pride. Together, they will promote a personalized hair care routine using the amazing “Feel It” products. This regimen is designed to maintain healthy hair and protect your precious locks. 

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The new collection from African Pride offers a range of products that are perfect for restoring dry and damaged hair, as well as soothing an irritated scalp. With key ingredients like Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Sage Oil, these products provide nourishment and moisture. They even have specialized products for wig care, such as the Moisture Miracle and Olive Miracle products.

Arrogant Tae and African Pride are joining forces to emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy hair and protective styling. The regimen will include African Pride’s premium Strengthening Shampoo, Strengthening Mask, Strengthening Balm, and Oil products. These products not only prevent hair loss but also soothe the scalp and restore a beautiful shine. They perfectly align with African Pride’s commitment to nourishment, breakage protection, and moisture.

African Pride is renowned for catering to the diverse haircare needs of all hair types and textures. Their products are made with premium, natural ingredients, ensuring that you can confidently embrace your best self without worrying about your hair. So, say goodbye to hair stress and hello to a flawless look with Arrogant Tae and African Pride! #FeelTheDifference 


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If you want, try their new collection you can “Feel It” Here: https://africanpridehair.com/collections/feel-it-formula/

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