COLLECTION: Y2K Beauty Vibes – Style

COLLECTION: Y2K Beauty Vibes – Style

Short for “Year 2000,” the term Y2K refers to the theory that a “bug” would wipe out all computers and turn businesses, even governments, upside down as the clock ticked over into a new millennium. Instead, a pre-emptive approach prevented this collapse, and another century of broadband innovation was started up.

The ULTA Beauty Pro Team was inspired by the influences of the early 2000s (the rise of athleisure wear, combined with hip-hop influences, on top of denim for days) in this collection created for America’s Beauty Show 2024. Leading the collaboration were Nick Stenson, David Lopez, Sean Godard, and Gilad Goldstein. 

“My favorite part of this collection is all of the bold and beautiful colors paired with different shapes and textures that celebrate all hair types,” Lopez says. “We wanted to show an inclusive selection of the latest in hair styling, cut, and color, from the ever-trendy natural blonde to the big personality of fashion colors and varied textures and braids. Our collective vision was to create images that not only evoke an ‘I can do that!’ reaction but which also encourage beauty professionals to explore the extent of their own creativity.”


Hair: Ulta Beauty Pro Team 

Makeup: Ulta Beauty Pro Team 

Hair Assistants: Ulta Beauty Design Team and Vicky Yeremchuk 

Makeup Assistants: Dmitry Potapov and Gabe Almodovar 

Photographer: Richard Monsieurs

Wardrobe: Altorrin McIntyre 

Nails: Sarah Nguyen 

Production: ISP Creative 


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