Early-Stage Laser Hair Therapy Can Be Effective

Early-Stage Laser Hair Therapy Can Be Effective



Laser hair therapy works — specialists who administer it explain that it can improve hair count by 10 percent. While often confused with the removal of unwanted hair, hair loss laser therapy has found its adherents for several reasons. One is that it does not require taking hair loss medications, such as Rogaine or Propecia (however, some patients claim a synergistic effect from combining either with hair loss laser therapy). For people who are showing signs of becoming bald but are not ready to consider a hair replacement system, laser hair therapy is an option worth exploring.

How does laser hair therapy work? Hair loss laser therapists explain that it widens faltering hair follicles, stimulating them to repair and regain the ability to grow hair shafts that may have been getting smaller in the hair loss process. The person who seeks hair loss laser treatments while still in the early phases of thinning hair will experience the best results. The significantly bald person will not be able to stimulate growth in hair follicles that are largely defunct. Notably, the FDA has cleared therapeutic baldness laser therapy for being safe. The agency does not vouch for effectiveness.


You can administer laser therapy yourself or have it professionally done. The methods involve different levels of diode exposure, with varying levels of results as well. In a laser hair therapy studio, a trained professional will guide and monitor the treatment, which typically involves three appointments per week. The at-home approach involves the use of hand-held laser combs and laser brushes and takes just as much time. Treatment at regular intervals is considered essential to success in stimulating hair growth.

Whether you try it at home, go to a salon, or consider alternative hair loss remedies, you need to study your options.

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