Easy Scarf Hairstyle Tutorial for Wavy / Curly Hair

I love a quick hairstyle, and this easy scarf hairstyle tutorial is so easy for wavy / curly hair. It started as an experiment and has become my new fave hairstyle tutorial.

easy curly hairstyle tutorial with a scarf

Sometimes when you don’t have the “right” hair accessories, you can end up creating an even better style. Inspired by my curly roll updo, this scarf hairstyle tutorial is a new fave.

The scarf you choose makes all the difference in the finished look – and you can use any kind of scarf you have at home.

So grab the nearest scarf and let’s get styling. Watch the video tutorial below.

Easy Scarf Hairstyle Tutorial for Wavy / Curly Hair

Video tutorial – Click here if you can’t see the video

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This hairstyle tutorial was inspired by this curly roll hairstyle tutorial. You can also find a picture tutorial of the easy roll hairstyle here. I love creating easy tutorials for all hair types and this was so fun to style. You can change up the look in so many ways by the choice of scarf – experiment with prints, patterns and colours.

curly hair scarf hairstyle tutorial

curly hairstyle with a scarf

What type of scarf to use?

The scarf featured in my video was a gift so I don’t have a link – but anything lightweight will work.

I recommend using a silk or poly scarf and to fold it into a rectangle.

Look around at what you already have, try a fabric tie belt from a dress, or a strip of fabric to create a unique hairstyle.

The print, colour and pattern of your scarf makes this hairstyle one of a kind. And you can repeat this hairstyle, changing the scarf, and it will look like a completely new hairstyle.

Hair products featured:

Hair Romance curly hairstyle with a scarf

If you’ve got any hair questions or video requests, please leave me a comment below. I always love to see your hair if you try my hairstyles, please tag me on Instagram or use #hairromance so I can see you.

Have fun with your hair!

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