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Many women dream about having their hair down in beautiful waves, but not everyone has a head full of thick hair that can grow long enough for the style. If you’ve been dreaming about having your hair down for your wedding or any other special occasion, try this quick fix.

Using Cashmere Hair’s Volumizer One Piece, section the bottom half of your hair by your ears, insert the six clips into your hair, and snap them shut. The piece should lay flat across your head so your natural hair can conceal it once it’s down.

Once the extensions are in, style your hair with a curling iron, spray your locks with hairspray to keep everything in place, and comb your hair through with your fingers to loosen it all up. Now, you have gorgeous, thick, and extra-long hair to play around with!

Do’s and Don’ts for This Hairstyle:

  • DO heat protectant before heat styling your hair, and always use mild settings on your styling tool. This will keep your extensions—and your hair—healthy.

  • DON’T keep the heat styling product in your extensions. After wear, wash the piece/s gently with sulfate-free shampoo and lukewarm water.

A Note from the Experts: The Volumizer One Piece is recommended for women with medium to long hair. These also only add volume and length to the back of your head. If you have shorter hair and need volume at your crown or at the sides of your face then we recommend using the Classic Clip-Ins instead. These clip-ins come with seven tracks so that you can place them wherever you need a boost.

Create Thicker Braids

If your special day inspiration is “Disney Princess,” you must complete your look with a thick, gorgeous braid.

For the perfect braid, we recommend adding volume to the back of your head and to the sides. So depending on the thickness of your natural hair, choose from the Classic Clip-Ins or Seamless Extensions. Both work best with shoulder-length hair, although they can also be concealed in shorter hair. Here’s how to choose between the two:

  • Classic Clip-Ins: Made with Indian Remy hair, these extensions give an insane amount of volume with just seven wefts. Each track is attached with two or three gentle clips so they don’t pull or damage your natural hair for comfortable, all-day wear.

  • Seamless Extensions: These also come with seven wefts but are created with a very thin silicone band at the top so that each track lays flat on your head. Made with European Remy human hair, these extensions have less hair per pack, so they’re lighter and can blend in seamlessly with thinner or fine hair.

To add even more volume to your braid, you can use the Classic Clip-Ins or the Seamless Extensions together with the Volumizer One Piece.

From here, section out your hair with a rat tail comb and clip the extensions into place around your head. Once everything is secured, you can begin braiding!

These extensions work great with any type of braid, but for even more volume, finish the look by going down the length of the braid and gently pulling some hair from the middle outwards (this technique is called pancaking, and it’s the secret to creating the best braids).

Do’s and Don’ts for This Hairstyle:

  • DO clip these extensions right underneath the part you create, on your natural hair.

  • DON’T clip your extensions on your scalp. These should never hurt or feel uncomfortable to wear!

Make a Gorgeous, Volumized Ponytail or Bun

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