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Ethereal—extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.”

This bold new collection, created by stylist and entrepreneur Lindsay Guzman of Elle.B Savvy and Elle.B Academy, was “born out of need to see bold colors and soft shapes. To let the hair read the room and speak for it. Combining cools and warms that complement and enhance without taking over.” Guzman expresses the desire to “escape the inescapable” along with the need to acknowledge life’s difficulties.

Photographed by John Rawson, the collection captures daring, yet wispy and soft hairstyles matched with striking color. The models’ facial expressions exhibit both strength and vulnerability, framed by the hair above and the clothing below, boldness and softness in tandem.

“You see this in the styling of the fashion with a cohesiveness of soft colors and muted brightness enveloped by structured bondage,” says Guzman of the models’ clothing. “Small whispers of ethereal styles seen in popular elven fashion pay homage to a world beyond reach and allow us to dream a bit.”

The styles would fit right in a fairytale world, yet retain a sense of modernity and freshness.

“We love to play and here we did,” Guzman adds. “We hope the rest of the world can play too.”

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