Eufora 2023 Color Trend Vision – Color

Eufora 2023 Color Trend Vision – Color

 The Color Team at Eufora is challenging colorists everywhere to step away from the routine root retouch and level 9 blonde highlights that can easily become the backbone of their appointment book.

Eufora Color Development Manager, Joanne Rempel, never misses an opportunity to remind any licensed stylist that continual inspiration and skill building challenges are essential if you want to secure top colorist honors and a full book of business!

To provide constant fuel for a colorist’s creative fire, the Eufora Color Team put together a yearlong trend campaign entitled Get the Look, through which they will share their favorite trends of the season. A Get the Look pre-pack will be available each season, and will include the step-by-step guide plus many of the recommended tools to complete the look.

Thinking in terms of time and profitability, each look the Eufora Team creates is designed to build upon existing skills and be easily added to a colorist’s portfolio. The goal is to keep creative color options and ideas readily accessible to colorists, so that they can confidently build a reputation as the go-to source of fashion and trend inspiration for their own clientele.

Hair by The Eufora Color Team

Hair by The Eufora Color Team

Laura D’Aiello (Eufora Digital Media and Design Manager) 

PHOTO by Laura D’Aiello (Eufora Digital Media and Design Manager) 

The first Get the Look release rolls out for Winter 2023, and will arrive in Eufora salons this January. It spotlights an emerging trend of cinnamon warmth and caramel goodness combined to unleash this season’s yummy color palette. Aptly named Indulgence, the Eufora winter look reveals lusciously warm brown tones with hints of red, mahogany, and caramel, all married with luxurious coppery violet accents.

Colorists who invest in the first Get the Look package will receive the printed step-by-step guide plus a collection of six EuforaColor shades, developer, and lightener – all essential to achieve the tonal colors guaranteed to perk up even the dullest of winter months.

For any stylist interested in learning more about color technique and trend, the Eufora Advanced Training Academy offers several color courses. There are also courses offered on the VIA Cutting Method. For more information on these, and other Eufora education initiatives, please visit

About Eufora

In a category that is crowded with rampant brand over promising, the Eufora voice stands out as honest, real and personal. It takes its cues from the vision of company founders, Don and Beth Bewley, who, in 1997, started a hair care company built on a foundation of passion, integrity and caring for the professional salon world. Today Eufora is recognized globally for a vision that extends beyond the innovation of people and planet friendly products, delivering on a promise to provide incomparable programs to nurture the next generation of salon professionals.

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