Female hairline, transplanted as is should be (photos) – WRassman,M.D. BaldingBlog

Female hairline, transplanted as is should be (photos) – WRassman,M.D. BaldingBlog

I wrote an article about hairlines and how they evolve. The word “Evolve” suggests that there is a starting point, so when women find that their hairline recedes, similar to some balding men, they are alarmed. This was the case in one of my patients, shown below, whose hairline had some hairline recession laterally and superiorly. She lost the lateral sides of the hairline, which resulted in losing the concave shape she originally had. She asked me to restore her female hairline, which I did, as shown in the photos below.

Below is a schematic drawing of the various hairlines (taken from one of my publications). The female hairline (I often refer to this as the juvenile hairline) is clearly recognizable by its concave shape.  Boys and girls aged 5 or 6 have this hairline, but as they grow, the hairline changes.  Many fortunate women keep this concave hairline into adulthood.  The classic female hairline has no temple peaks.  Temple peaks signify a change from the original juvenile hairline, as shown in both the Intermediate and Mature male hairlines in the graphic.  Also, classic female hairlines have no widows’ peak, which signifies that the hairline has moved upward into the Intermediate Hairline position.  From a genetic point of view, the entire hairline behind the Mature Male Hairline shown in the graphics has significantly different genetics than the hairline I  refer to as the adult mature hairline. The Norwood classification of balding impacts the hair behind the line I refer to as a Mature Male Hairline. I have seen men develop an advanced state of balding and retain much of their juvenile hairline. I even remember seeing a patient with a comb-back that was so good that I couldn’t see his Class 7 balding pattern until he flipped it forward. By the way, he kept his temple peaks, a common finding in men with very advanced balding, suggesting that the temple peaks have a different genetic code than most of the hair on the head.


Transplanted female concave hairline with no temple or widows’ peak, below.

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