“Fresha Has Played a Big Part in the Growth of my Business” Says SliderCuts Owner, Mark Maciver

Fresha sat down with their brand ambassador, Mark Maciver, to talk about his favourite features and how he uses the software to run his barbershop, SliderCuts Studio. Mark started using Fresha in early 2023 and quickly became a big advocate for the brand.

“I think it’s a great partnership because they offer a great product. It’s easy for me to talk about. And they’re always looking for ways to improve their product. In the time I’ve been with Fresha, the amount of features they have added blows my mind.”


Smart Pricing to Manage Out-of-Hours Appointments

“One of my favourite Fresha features is smart pricing.”

Smart pricing helps barbers like Mark charge a premium for early morning haircuts. He explains how it also helps him charge more for haircuts on his days off in case there are clients who are willing to pay more for a certain date.

“Why I really like it is because so often barbers have to have awkward conversations with clients.” Mark sympathises with barbers who are asked to do out-of-hours haircuts. “And it might feel awkward talking to a client having to ask them to pay more. But when it’s just on Fresha, it’s like the clients can see five dates available and the change in price.”


Blast Campaigns for Guaranteed Growth

“The marketing promotions from Fresha have helped me make more money because you can send out a text message or email to all of your clients or to a certain set of your clients.” The SliderCuts Studio owner loves how he is able to send different texts and emails to encourage new and current clients to book again.

Mark’s seen great returns from his investments with this particular feature. “I once sent a message to all clients, which cost about £400-£500. And the revenue I gained from that message was about £4,500 because they were clicking through and making an appointment.”

The barber influencer explains how most clients often like to be reminded to get a haircut. “When you can send a text message straight to someone’s phone – you’re guaranteed to see growth.”


Reporting and Analytics to Dive Deep into the Business

“I use the reports from Fresha a lot to assess my business, to see where it’s at, and to see individual barbers.” Mark has 12 total barbers at his shop and uses the feature to view how many bookings they’re getting, when appointments are happening, and how much revenue is being generated. “It’s also helpful for them to see how much money they’ve made for the business as well.”

Using Reports to Make Decisions on Marketing Promotions

“You can look at the reports to see when the shop is quiet and then you can use the blast campaigns feature to send them a prompt to book. Or you can shift the pricing to encourage more people to book on that day or time of day.”

Mark emphasises how: “They’re really important for barbershop owners to look at and to make sure that barbers are reaching their full potential.” He also adds how owners can discover opportunities by understanding more about their business and says: “Reports are more than handy and essential to any barbershop owner.”

“Fresha has played a big part in the growth of my business.”

From keeping the business ticking over, to helping it grow and bring in more revenue, Fresha will continue to help Mark grow his business into what he dreams it to be: a brand that’s even bigger than just a barbershop.

Check out Fresha, the world’s #1 online booking platform, so you can see what it can do for your business.

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