How Hair Shampoo for Extensions Help You Master The Perfect Wash

How Hair Shampoo for Extensions Help You Master The Perfect Wash

 The Highlights:
  • Since the hair of your hair extensions have undergone significant chemical processing, you need to be careful with the products you use on them.
  • Regular shampoos can damage the hair, depending on the strength of the shampoo, and the quality/durability of the product.
  • To choose a shampoo for your hair extensions, first pick one that is specific to hair extensions by a brand you trust. Add the conditioner as well. This will help to keep the hair soft for longer.
  • If in doubt, ask the brand from which you bought your hair extensions to recommend a product that you can use.

If you’ve invested in hair extensions, then you’ve likely been on the hunt for the ideal hair extensions shampoo and conditioner.

You’ve no doubt spent hundreds on your new hair extensions. And you’ve heard that the wrong shampoo can react with your hair extensions. Now the sheer thought of damaging your hair extensions is triggering anxiety.

I get it. Most first-time-hair-extension-buyers will be thinking the same thing: “What’s the best shampoo for my extensions?”

And it’s a good question, because the wrong shampoo can literally ruin your extensions.

In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know so that you can choose the right hair extensions shampoo for your needs.

Here’s what we’ll go over:

  • Why you must not wash your hair extensions with regular shampoo.
  • 3 steps for choosing the right hair extensions shampoo.
  • The 5 minute routine for washing your hair extensions.
  • The most common FAQs on how to wash (techniques, etc.)
  • 5 Hacks that will 2-3x the value of your purchase.
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Quick tip: Why Choosing Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions Will Save You Time and Money?

I’ll be honest with you, when I first started exploring the world of quality hair extensions, I was overwhelmed with options.

There’s beads, and clip-ins, tape extensions, weave hair extensions – it felt like diving into a deep ocean with no idea which direction to swim.

But then I stumbled upon Sitting Pretty Halo hair extensions, and it was a revelation.

Why, you ask? Well, let’s break it down:

Natural Appeal: One of my biggest gripes with many extensions is that they often don’t seamlessly blend with natural hair.

The Sitting Pretty Halo on the other hand, melt beautifully into your locks, giving an effortlessly natural look. You don’t feel like you’re wearing an accessory; it becomes a part of you.

Halo Hair Extensions Customer Review:

Versatile Hairstyling:
Before I tried halos, styling my hair was, quite honestly, a chore. With Sitting Pretty Halo extensions, I realised creating chic, easy hairstyles with halo hair was not only possible but fun. Whether it’s an elegant updo for a formal event or loose waves for a casual day out, the options are endless.

Volume Boost: For those of us with thin hair, finding a way to add volume without making hair look fake is a challenge. Halo extensions are the answer. They instantly make thin hair look thick and voluminous without looking over the top.

User-Friendly: Anyone who’s tried clip-ins knows the struggle – the time, the tugging, and the occasional hair mishap. Halo hair extensions, in comparison, are a walk in the park. Easy to put on, secure, and more importantly, comfortable to wear.

Durability & Maintenance: Like all good things in life, Sitting Pretty Halo hair extensions do require care – particularly when washing. But here’s the good news: with the right knowledge and products, maintaining them is straightforward.


Why you MUST NOT wash your hair extensions with normal shampoo

Imagine investing in a premium sports car and then filling it up with low-grade fuel… It wouldn’t make sense, right?

The same logic applies when you choose a hair shampoo for extensions.

The halo hair extensions are your luxury vehicle, and the shampoo? That’s the fuel that gives your “vehicle” mileage.

Many of us make the innocent mistake of reaching for our regular shampoo, thinking it will do the job. After all, it’s done wonders for our natural locks, so why not the extensions?

That’s where things can go sideways. Not all shampoos are made equal, especially when you’re dealing with the delicacy and specifics of halo hair extensions.

Here’s the crux: what works for our natural hair might be disastrous for your extensions. That trusty shampoo you’ve sworn by for years might be the silent adversary of your precious extensions.

It’s a common query that pops up, “What should I wash my hair extensions with?”

Here’s my step-by-step process:

3 Steps for choosing the right shampoo for your hair extensions

I’ve broken this down into 3 simple steps:

1. Pick the right product

The key is to focus on hair shampoo for extensions that’s specifically crafted for the job.

Hair extensions shampoos are generally rich in silicon. This ensure that your hair extensions remain soft, tangle-free, and maintain their vibrancy.

2. Find a brand that you trust.

There are a lot of hair extensions shampoos in the market. And not all of them are good.

So find one from a brand that you know, and make sure that the brand provides a guarantee that the shampoo won’t ruin your hair extensions.

3. Get a hair extensions conditioner as well.

This is a great option if you can get it.

A hair extensions conditioner will add extra softness to your hair (just like regular conditioner). This is ideal to ensure the hair doesn’t begin to matte up.

Recommendation: Hair extensions shampoo and conditioner

Recognising the gap in the market, we took the initiative.

As a brand, we understood the importance of the right ingredients, the need for a formula that understands the nuances of  hair extensions, and the dream of every halo extension owner to keep their extensions in impeccable condition.

That’s how our gentle hair extensions shampoo and conditioner came into existence.

The cornerstone of it’s formulation?

A judicious amount of silicon. While enough to moisturise and give that smooth, glossy finish, it’s careful not to overdo it, ensuring your extensions aren’t weighed down or left feeling greasy.

We hold stock in USA, UK, Australia and Hong Kong, and we ship anywhere in the world, with super fast shipping.

There are other great brands as well, and it could be worthwhile spending some time researching the various options.

The 5 minute routine for washing your hair extensions

To properly wash your hair extensions simply follow 5 minute routine:

1. Prep Your Extensions: Before you immerse them in water, brush out any tangles gently. It’s ideal to use a gentle Tangle Taming Brush to avoid causing any damage to your hair extensions, by tugging at knots.

2. Water Temperature Matters: Always use lukewarm water. Too hot, and you risk drying out the hair.

3. Apply Your Specially Formulated Shampoo: Gently lather a generous amount of hair extensions shampoo into the hair extensions, ensuring even distribution. Then rinse the shampoo out.

4 Condition for softness: After rinsing the shampoo, apply the matching conditioner from mid-shaft down to the ends.

5. Rinse and Dry: Rinse with cold water to seal the cuticles and lay them flat to air dry.

Common FAQs on Washing Hair Extensions

These are the most commonly asked questions that we get from our customers about washing their hair extensions:

Do you wash hair extensions?

Yes, just like natural hair, extensions need cleaning. But the frequency differs based on usage.

How often to wash hair extensions?

It’s advised not to wash them after every use. Depending on how much you wear them, once every 10-20 wears is usually sufficient, or once every 3-4 months.

Can you wash hair extensions every day?

It’s best to avoid daily washing. Over-washing can lead to dryness and reduce their lifespan.

How to wash clip-in extensions of human hair?

Although I always say halo hair extensions are better than clip-ins, but if you have a set that are made of human hair or remy hair, the method is similar. Wet them, apply shampoo, rinse, and ensure you deep condition.

What is the best shampoo to use on hair extensions?

Always opt for shampoos formulated specifically for extensions, like the one we developed for our signature halo hair extensions.

5 Hacks that will double the value of your purchase

Just like with our sports-car analogy above, there are 5 easy things that you can do (and should do) to double or even trip the lifespan and the value of your new asset.

And they are:

1. The Remarkable Remy Hair

When diving into the world of hair extensions, the term “Remy Hair” often surfaces. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s high time you got acquainted.

Remy Hair refers to the finest quality of human hair, where cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. This ensures a natural appearance and prevents tangling.

Especially for those battling damaged hair, Remy hair extensions are a godsend. They not only blend seamlessly but also guarantee durability.

Before making that purchase, always check the label or ask your seller. Trust me, it’s a decision you won’t regret.

2. Preserving the Vibrancy with Colour Care

Who doesn’t love experimenting with colours? But if you’ve taken the bold step to colour your extensions, maintaining that fresh-out-of-the-salon vibrancy is paramount.

The enemy? Regular shampoos which can strip the colour, making them look dull.

Always prioritise colour-safe shampoos, specially formulated to protect the dye.FV These shampoos are gentler, ensuring that your hair extensions colour remains radiant and fade-resistant.

3. The True Cost of Extensions

When we think about the cost of hair extensions, it’s easy to only account for the upfront expense. But remember, maintenance is integral for longevity.

This includes investing in quality hair shampoos for extensions, conditioners, and occasional salon visits for professional touch-ups. Factor in these ongoing costs to ensure you’re truly prepared for the extension commitment.

They say beauty has its price; I say it’s an investment.

4. Harnessing Natural Volume

Halo extensions are a fantastic solution for instant volume, but they shouldn’t be the only tool in your arsenal. Encourage natural hair growth and thickness through holistic approaches.

The best food for hair rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals promotes healthy growth. Regular scalp massages, with nourishing oils like coconut or almond, can stimulate blood flow, further boosting hair health.

Combining these practices with your extensions ensures you get thicker hair naturally and with a little help.

5. Handy Hair Hacks for Extension Lovers

With hair extensions becoming a part of your beauty regimen, some handy hair hacks can simplify your life. For instance, storing your extensions properly can prevent tangling and breakage.

Using a looped hairbrush instead of regular ones can reduce pulling and ensure gentle care. And remember, while heat styling tools work wonders for creating those perfect curls or pin-straight looks, always use a heat protectant to shield both your natural hair and extensions from potential damage.

By prioritising these extension care practices, you’re not just ensuring the longevity of your extensions but also promoting the health and vitality of your natural hair. Remember, with the right care, your halo extensions and natural hair can together create the perfect symphony of beauty and style.

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