How to Become a Six-Figure Hairdresser – Career

How to Become a Six-Figure Hairdresser – Career

Business Growth Strategist Dawna Jarvis shares how stylists can earn six figures.

Business Growth Strategist Dawna Jarvis shares how stylists can earn six figures.

You’ve been trying to be a six-figure hairstylist for years. You’re a great stylist, and you market yourself well. You network like crazy and have a steady stream of clients. Yet somehow, you can’t make it happen. You may be wondering why this is. Why are some hairstylists making well over six figures while others are living paycheck to paycheck? What is the secret to a hairstylist’s success? In this article, I will explain:

What’s the Secret?

A recent study found that only 20% of hairstylists in the United States make more than six figures. So what makes those 20% different from the rest? The research found these stylists had one critical characteristic in common, they have mastered the client experience. The main focus of these top-earning professionals, regardless of the service they provide, is on how they make their clients feel.

To be a six-figure hairstylist, you don’t have to be the best hair colorist in town, the best at haircutting, or have a massive following on Instagram. What you do need is the ability to master the client experience. This is because people buy feelings, not products or services. In today’s competitive market, you must provide an experience that touches your client’s soul. The kind of experience that leaves a lasting impression.

These stylists are determined to make their clients feel beautiful, confident and special. If you can do the same, you will build a solid and loyal clientele who will gladly pay premium prices, plus send all their friends and family your way. Peter Shankman wrote a book about these clients, referring to them as “Zombie Loyalists.” Clients who rave about you may think it’s because they love their hair, but what they really love is how you make them feel. That, my friend, is where you will find success.

What is the client experience?

It’s crucial to understand that your clients’ experience goes above and beyond what color, haircut or service they’re getting; it’s ultimately about how you make them feel. You want your client to feel special from the second they walk in the doors to the second they leave. Let’s break this down from the beginning.

When clients call the salon, how are they treated by the front desk? Is your front desk trained to treat customers with the highest standard of customer service? Those first interactions are when clients get a sense of the salon’s culture and atmosphere. This is the first opportunity to make your client feel welcomed and relaxed.

What kind of welcome does the staff give them when they walk through the doors? Do they feel acknowledged and seen? Greeting clients by name and smiling warmly is a great way to make a client feel important and leave a good first impression.

Did you know salons are among the most intimidating places to walk into? 

What type of refreshments do you offer them? Is it a warm cup of coffee, wine, or perhaps some snacks? How loud is the music? Are the conversations around you professional? The salon’s atmosphere plays a big role in how your client will feel. You want to make sure your client feels comfortable throughout their entire appointment.

How smooth is the checkout process? Did you give them a warm goodbye? Make sure to let them know you look forward to seeing them again and that you appreciate their business. Every part of your client’s experience must be top-notch, unforgettable, and consistent right to the end.

Your biggest asset as a stylist is the experience you provide to your clients. It’s not just about your haircuts and colors; it’s about how you make your clients feel during their time with you. And when someone feels good about themselves, they rave about their experience to their friends and family!


It is estimated that there are more than 900,000 salons in the US, but only 20% of hairstylists earn more than $100,000 a year. To make six figures or more as a stylist, you must master the client experience, taking your clients on a journey from beginning to end. You’re selling a feeling, an experience, so make sure you give your clients one they will never forget.

About the Author: Dawna Jarvis is a former salon owner, master stylist and business growth strategist from Los Angeles. Aside from slaying it behind the chair, Jarvis is passionate about helping business owners dominate their niche and explode their online presence. To learn more visit

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