If You Have Hair Loss Funk Up Your Look With a Fedora Hat



The fedora has been around for more than a century.  The name “fedora” originated from an 1882 French play where Princess Fedora Romazova wore this stylish hat. You might associate this type of hat with the movies. From Humphrey Bogart’s classic fedora to Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones hat, the fedora has been worn for many occasions both on and off the silver screen.

This style of hat features a wide brim, a dip in the top and a clear pinch in the front. The classic fedora is created from felt. However, you can find fedoras in every fabric imaginable, from straw to tweed. From 1930s gangsters to today’s hottest celebrities, the fedora has withstood the test of time and can be worn by both men and women.

For those that suffer from hair loss, a classic fedora can be a wardrobe essential. It’s a great way to cover up while also looking stylish. A fedora can be worn with everything from a designer suit to a T-shirt and jeans. From classic and cool to whimsical and fun, a fedora is a fabulous way to funk up your look.

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How to wear a fedora

When selecting a fedora or any hat, be sure to get the right size. The fedora should be about a half-inch larger than the circumference of your head. Be sure that it doesn’t fall too low onto your ears or fit too tight. A fedora should not leave a mark on your forehead when you take it off.

Though a black or gray felt fedora is the most traditional, consider the rest of your wardrobe when picking out your hat. Neutral colors are the most versatile, but fedoras come in every color. You may consider buying two fedoras – one neutral and one more vibrant or one for summer and one for winter. For summertime, straw or white fedoras are definitely a trendy choice. Fedoras generally have a hatband. Oftentimes the band is satin and a slightly different color than the hat. Fedoras also can be accented with feathers, buttons, and other embellishments.

A classic fedora should be worn cocked to the side and tilted slightly forward. Tilting it to right above your eyebrow adds a little mystery and old school cool to your look. When wearing a fedora, you should be comfortable and confident. The hat can give off an aura of sophistication or of playfulness, but it shouldn’t make you feel as if you are wearing a costume.

Fedoras for women with hair loss

Fedoras aren’t reserved for just men. They are chic fashion accessories for women, too. You can do several things to make your fedora a little more feminine.

  • Choose a vibrant color – Purple, pink or gray hats are perfect for women.
  • Experiment with prints – Don’t shy away of leopard print or plaid fedoras.
  • Add accents of your own – Silk flowers, hatpins and rhinestones add a flirty appeal.

Where to buy a fedora

If you are shopping for a classic fedora, head to your local thrift shop. Here you can find high-quality vintage hats at a significant discount. Costume shops may also sell fedoras. If you are unable to find a fedora at thrift stores or flea markets, don’t worry. Due to the recent trend of celebrities from Justin Timberlake to Usher wearing fedoras, most major department stores now carry these types of hats. With prices ranging from $10 to several hundred, the cost of a hat is an indicator of the quality of materials and how long it will last.

How to clean your fedora

To keep your fedora looking its best, store it in the box when not in use. Treating it with a protectant like Scotchgard will protect your hat from the elements. Remove lint and other particles with a lint remover regularly. A felt fedora can generally be spot cleaned with baby shampoo. Use a soft toothbrush to remove surface stains and then gently cleanse with a soft cloth dipped in shampoo. For other fabrics, read the tag on your hat for cleaning instructions or bring it to a professional dry cleaner.

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