Innersense Organic Beauty Revolutionizes Professional Hair Color with Launch of Color Purity – Color

Innersense Organic Beauty Revolutionizes Professional Hair Color with Launch of Color Purity – Color

Award-winning clean beauty brand Innersense Organic Beauty recently announced a groundbreaking expansion into professional hair color with the launch of Color Purity. With as many as 38% of color users experiencing some form of irritation or reaction due to hair dye, and an even higher risk for professional colorists, Innersense’s Color Purity sets a new standard for clean, safe, and effective high-performance hair color systems.

Innersense Organic Beauty

Born from five years of development and nurtured in salon environments, Color Purity is meticulously crafted to prioritize performance without compromising health and wellbeing. The result is a revolutionary hair color system that delivers brilliant non-toxic color with outstanding performance on all hair types and textures.

“Innersense is committed to pushing the boundaries of clean beauty without sacrificing performance,” says Greg Starkman, Co-Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty. “With Color Purity, we’re not just launching a new product line; we’re introducing new color chemistry that creates a new standard in professional hair color – one that prioritizes both stylist and client health and the planet. We believe that stylists and clients alike deserve nothing less than exceptional results without compromise.”

The Color Purity Collection includes 40 oxidative True Color shades plus opacity-adjusting White, 5 Clean Developers and 2 Pure Brilliance Lighteners in both Cream and Powder formulations. True Color’s Adaptive Dye Blends are customized by shade, allowing them to be fully intermixable across all tonal families. When mixed with Innersense’s revolutionary Clean Developer, True Color can achieve flawless permanent, demi-permanent and high lift results, all within the minimalist portfolio. Embodying Innersense’s commitment to sustainability, all shades are intentionally designed to work seamlessly together, allowing for easy customization while elevating the color experience and eliminating the need for a second demi line.

True Color’s Adaptive Dye Blends include new innovative 2MD chemistry, a gentler replacement for traditional PPD and PTD dyes. 2MD Technology limits the sensitizing potential of color, improving the salon experience without compromising on results.

Key Features of Color Purity

  • Clean Color Chemistry: Set a new standard of clean, from color tube to developer and everything in between. Free of: resorcinol, PPD, PTD, EDTA, fragrance and processing odors, amongst many other harmful ingredients
  • Pure Performance: Provide unparalleled gray coverage, luminous shine, and enduring longevity.
  • Adaptive Dye Blends: Craft customized shades with 40 fully intermixable shades; Innersense’s revolutionary 5 Volume Clean Developer with Hyaluronic acid transitions color from permanent to demi-permanent.
  • Environmental Impact: Use eco-friendly packaging and tools to reshape the approach to hair color waste.

In addition to the innovative color line, Innersense offers a range of education options to support stylists, including virtual and in-salon support led by Innersense Color Purity Educators. To further enhance the learning experience, the brand is launching the Color Purity App for Color Education, providing valuable resources at stylists’ fingertips.

The Color Purity collection launches on May 13, 2024, revolutionizing the professional hair color industry with its clean, safe, and effective approach to coloring.

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About Innersense Organic Beauty: Innersense Organic Beauty is a clean, sustainable hair care brand dedicated to creating the safest and most effective products for all hair types and textures. Developed by stylists Greg and Joanne Starkman, the brand’s formulations feature nourishing ingredients and are processed without animal testing. Innersense uses ingredients that are sustainably sourced and prioritize the health of their clients by avoiding the use of phthalates or known endocrine disruptors. As a Certified B Corp, Innersense Organic Beauty aims to be a force for good by meeting the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Their diverse range of products is designed to be a ritual of self-love, supporting every unique hair care journey while promoting a healthier, more sustainable future.

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