Jamaican Mango and Lime: Celebrating 31 Years Of Excellence In Haircare

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Writtten By: Trish Bolden

Born in 1992, Jamaican Mango & Lime embraces the authenticity of inspired ingredients from the isle of Jamaican made to elevate your hair. Over three decades later, their dedication remains unwavering. Whether you rock locs, twists, braids, or curls, we support, shield, and fashion your hair. We empower you to flaunt your distinct style, creativity, and independence.

Not just a brand, they are the curators, and innovators of loc & twist care who started a movement to provide haircare for the natural hair community, 30 + 1 years later we are still committed to it. In February, Jamaican Mango and Lime proudly hosted a pop-up exhibition at the esteemed Black Hair Experience in Atlanta. This collaborative event showcased the brand’s commitment to celebrating and uplifting Black hair culture, offering attendees a unique and immersive experience. Moreover, Jamaican Mango & Lime recently expanded their product catalog by introducing the “Braids Your Way” Collection in Target stores nationwide. This new collection further demonstrates their commitment to offering innovative solutions tailored to diverse hair care needs, catering to a wide range of styles and preferences. Additionally, the brand’s presence in Target stores solidifies its position as a trusted and accessible resource for high-quality hair care products.They’ve proudly announced that they are sponsors of the USA Breakin’ Association. This exciting partnership highlights their commitment to supporting and celebrating the vibrant culture of breakdancing while empowering individuals to express themselves authentically.


Whether it’s locs, twists, braids, or curls,  Jamaican Mango & Lime nurture, protect, and style. Giving you the confidence to embrace your unique style, expression and individualism. Multicultural Marketing Director, Krystal McNear and Executive Director, Rosalind Brummant are excited to celebrate the company’s 31-year Anniversary in 2024. As a contributing asset to the hair community, Hype Hair is thrilled to join forces with Jamaican Mango & Lime to commemorate 31 Years of greatness. 

Stay tuned for exciting developments later this year as Jamaican Mango and Lime unveils a fresh new look! 



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