Lip of the Day: The Newly Reformulated MAC Maximal Velvet Teddy, Eclipse Adventures and What’s for Lunch

First things first, I’m not mad at the newly reformulated Velvet Teddy Maximal Lipstick by MAC. I know!

I thought I’d be grumpy about it after taking Sweet Deal for a spin last week and feeling underwhelmed by the experience, but the wear time on Velvet Teddy 2.0 is almost as good as the original, and it’s less drying on my lips.

If Velvet Teddy is a frequent flyer in your makeup rotation, don’t worry. This new version does alright.

Secondly, I totally forgot to mention the eclipse when I was writing the Monday Poll yesterday morning. I didn’t remember it until I saw a couple of telescopes and various eclipse-related accoutrements on campus.

I was oddly thrilled by the low-tech things, including the shadows created by the colander and by the eclipse glasses.

Did you catch it at all yesterday? I hope you did because even though we didn’t get totality here in Northern California, it was still very cool.

Last but not least, a totally random question. What’s for lunch today? I’m mostly asking on behalf of my tum. LOL!

I’ve been coming home for lunch lately, and to save time, I usually set aside some leftovers or make a sandwich the night before so I can just walk through the door and gobble something down. I didn’t do that last night, though, so I have no lunch plans yet. I need some inspo!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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