Manifest Healthy Hair with these 12 Positive Affirmations | Luxy Hair

Manifest Healthy Hair with these 12 Positive Affirmations | Luxy Hair

Have you ever looked at your hair in the mirror and thought that you didn’t like the way it looked? It was too frizzy, too oily, too dry or didn’t have enough volume, bounce or shine? If these internal thoughts sound familiar, you are not alone.

While it’s normal to have a bad hair day, this constant pattern of negative talk, believe it or not, can stop you from reaching all of your hair goals. If only you could manifest the hair you want!

This may come to a surprise as we’ve been conditioned (no pun intended) to think that only hair extensions or styling products can be the solution to all of our hair woes but a generous helping of positive thinking can also do wonders for your locks too. If you want to learn how to manifest healthy hair, read on to learn how hair affirmations can help you come closer to the hair you’ve always wanted.

Do hair affirmations really work?

Yes, manifesting healthy hair is possible. Words are powerful and repeating positive affirmations day after day can rewire our brains to think more positively and in turn improve our self-esteem and self-worth. And when you start to love your hair, you will feel more inclined to take care of it and give it the TLC it deserves.

Positive thinking can do wonders for your emotional well being. In the book Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale stresses that “you do not need to be defeated by anything… you can have peace of mind, improved health and a never-ceasing flow of energy.” And while the positive thinking trend is nothing new, lately it’s taken on a new form: the concept of manifesting. This viral wellness trend has shown up in countless articles and videos as people share miraculous stories about how practicing manifestation has led them to their soulmate, a sudden pay day or even their dream promotion.

Whether you are coming to terms with how your hair looks and feels or you are looking to manifest hair growth there are manifestation tips and tricks anyone can use for a positivity boost!

Here are 12 hair affirmations that we recommend trying. Say them outloud to start manifesting healthy hair right now:

1) I have beautiful healthy hair

This is such a simple hair affirmation but when was the last time you said this outloud? Acknowledging that your hair is beautiful and healthy is a great start to manifesting healthy hair. Turns out we all love compliments, even our hair! 

2) My hair is unique and i will not compare my hair to anybody else’s 

Comparison is the thief of joy but we do it all the time once we are on social media scrolling through pictures with the hashtag #hairgoals. Everyone’s hair is different and unique so there’s no use in comparing. Rather than focusing on what your hair doesn’t look like, embrace what you have in the present.

3) I will always be grateful for my hair

We show our gratitude to others so why not also say this to your hair? It’s a reminder to be grateful for what we have even when we aren’t looking or feeling our best.

4) I am committed to learning more about my hair 

Like with any relationship it takes a lot of hard work to get to a good place. Your hair may not always be willing to compromise but investing time and effort in getting to know what makes your hair tick and its list of likes and dislikes can go a long way to creating the perfect hair routine.

5) The hair on my head is long, healthy and grows quickly. It is growing and flourishing as I breathe

If one of your goals is to manifest hair growth, focus on saying this positive hair affirmation. Rather than worrying about the lack of hair growth, repeat this on a daily basis to stay focused on your goal while staying positive about your hair journey. It’s time to get rid of all your emotional stress.

Your hair is a living, breathing entity just like you. Picture your strands growing longer every time you inhale and exhale. Although it may not be visible to the naked eye your hair is growing alongside you.

6) My hair glides through my fingers and a comb easily

If you get frustrated about combing your hair since you are constantly met with resistance in the form of knots and tangles, this one’s for you. Picture your hair gliding through your hair brush and how effortless that motion is. Once you use this affirmation, brushing your hair will feel less like a chore and a natural part of your self care routine

7) I can handle taking care of my hair 

It can be hard dealing with your hair if it’s very high maintenance but rather than approaching your hair as a problem, give yourself a bit of a pep talk. As the owner of your hair, you’ve got this. And once you figure out what your hair likes, taking care your hair will feel second nature

8) I’m looking forward to wash day because that is my self care time 

Rather than dreading wash day, train yourself into thinking that it is part of your relaxation time. Washing your hair and spending time to touch and massage your hair should feel more like a ritual and not something you are avoiding all day.

9) I will pay attention my scalp 

Scalp health is so important to hair growth. This hair affirmation is an important reminder to pay attention to any clues your scalp is making throughout the day. Does your scalp feel itchy or dry? Could it benefit from a quick scalp massage or an energizing scalp scrub?

10) My curls are gorgeous and unique 

Embrace your unique textured hair. Although it requires a lot of attention and maintenance, there are others who would love to have the curls that you do.

11) My hair is beautiful whether it’s short, medium length or long 

We can all feel a little worried after a big hair change or major haircut but know that no matter what length your hair is, it doesn’t change the fact that your hair is beautiful.

12) I can wear whatever hairstyle I want  

Instead of saying ‘I can’t pull off that hairstyle’ turn that negative self talk into a positive! Whether you have always wanted to work a curly ponytail or master a french braid, say this enough times and you’ll have enough confidence to walk out the door with any hairstyle you desire.

Visualize Hair Growth 

Aside from verbalizing positive thoughts, visualization is also a huge part of manifesting healthy hair. Here’s a visualization technique you can use if you are looking to manifest hair growth. You can do this simple exercise while sitting or standing.

1. Focus on your breathing and start to imagine your hair at the length you desire
2. Picture your hair slowly growing from the roots and extending downwards
3. Visualize yourself effortlessly running a comb from your crown to the ends of your hair

Diet, exercise and hair care products will also play a role in hair growth but manifesting healthy hair is a great first step in changing the way you feel about your hair. As you start to embrace your natural hair, you will feel more motivated to take care of it. Time to change your mindset and start manifesting the hair you’ve always wanted.

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