Meet Dr. Elyssa Green: Alopecia Advocate, Speaker and Founder of B3 (Bad, Bozz, Beauty)

Meet Dr. Elyssa Green: Alopecia Advocate, Speaker and Founder of B3 (Bad, Bozz, Beauty)

Dr. Elyssa Green is transforming the hair industry through her courageous stance on baldness and alopecia, challenging conventional beauty standards and redefining the concept of beauty. As a dedicated advocate for alopecia awareness, Dr. Green draws inspiration from her personal journey to motivate and empower individuals worldwide. Through her groundbreaking work, she emphasizes the elegance and resilience of baldness, presenting a fresh perspective that embraces diversity and self-acceptance. By sharing her experiences and insights, Dr. Green aims to eradicate the negative connotations associated with hair loss and foster a culture that celebrates all forms of beauty, regardless of the chosen or inherited hair journey.


Beyond her advocacy, Dr. Green’s influence extends to the realms of beauty and fashion. She collaborates with renowned designers, models, and influencers to create inclusive campaigns that portray bald individuals in a glamorous and empowering light. Her endeavors have not only raised awareness about alopecia but have also ignited a broader movement towards inclusivity within the fashion industry. By promoting baldness as a beautiful and fashionable choice, Dr. Green is reshaping perceptions and inspiring a new generation to embrace their unique identities with confidence and pride.

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Photo Credit: Dr. Elyssa Green

Her deep love for her community led her to establish Teen Expressions (TE), a non-profit organization that nurtures children’s interests in the arts, culinary, fashion design, film, and video production. Each year, the children in the program showcased their talents in a Teen Expression production called, “I Am Style”. I Am Style Agency (IASA) provides talent development and offers a unique approach to the industry with its various programs. IASA is heart work and has persevered through numerous challenges and never disappointments. (IASA) recognizes the importance of addressing the pain points faced by creatives and business collaborators.

Dr. Green, a black woman entrepreneur, has a strong vision for the future. She aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those under her care at IASA. Her goal is to achieve global growth and influence. Understanding the challenges faced by creatives, she is determined to assist as many individuals as possible in making a significant impact on the health and beauty industry.

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Photo Credit: Dr. Elyssa Green

If you are looking to meet Dr. Elyssa, she will be at her Annual B3 Fashion Show on tomorrow June 21st, 2024 in Morrow, Ga at 1180 Southlake Circle. The event will truly be a night to remember, celebrating the beauty of baldness and elegance to all who embrace him. B3 also known as Bald Bozz Beauty is an Alopecia Advocacy organization for ALL Baldies. Bald Bozz Beauty’s mission is to bring focus and awareness to the unique “SHE Style” of baldness.


Style of baldness.
Healthy lifestyle living with Alopecia, conditions that cause baldness.
Educate on products or services that maintain the Bald Boss Beauty.

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