Now is not the time to cut a fringe

Curtain bangs, micro fringes, wispy layers – I love all types of fringes (also known as bangs) but now is not the time to cut a fringe.

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You might be asking, what’s wrong with now? Fringes are super cool at the moment – why shouldn’t I try it now?

That’s a good question, but that’s missing the point. The real question is not about the trend (fringes are always in if you ask me) – it’s about the seasonal timing.

You see, it’s the weather that’s the real enemy of a fringe. There’s a perfect set of circumstances for when and where a fringe can enhance your life. And conversely, a specific time when bangs will ruin your life.

The perfect time to cut a fringe

The perfect time to cut a fringe is autumn.

As soon as the weather starts to cool, that’s when you should book an appointment with your hairdresser and try all kinds of fringes and bangs.

It’s best to start longer, with some curtain bangs and layers and if you’re vibing with it – book your next appointment to try a fuller, shorter fringe.

The low humidity and cooler temperatures make wearing a fringe so much easier. You can have fun learning to style your hair and experiment with different hairstyles.

The lifecycle of your fringe continues and as you start to get bored of the look, or feel like something different, you can grow out the shorter layers through winter and early spring.

This brings you clearly out of your fringe season just when it’s the worst time to have a fringe.

The worst time to cut a fringe

If you haven’t already guessed – summer is the WORST time to cut a fringe.

Humidity, sweat and heat styling tools are not a great combination. Even if you’re in your bangs era, and have your perfect styling routine ready – you are a brave soldier to endure your fringe throughout the summer.

But if you don’t have short layers and are thinking of trying a new look, summer is the worst time to start.

I know, because I’ve endured the forehead breakouts and awkward clip hairstyles as I’ve tried to persist with a new fringe in summer. Sweaty hat hair is the enemy of cool bangs. Even with my trick for avoiding hat hair. Your fringe will stick to your forehead in ways you won’t like. Take my word for it, you don’t want to go there.

Please be patient and wait for autumn – that’s the ideal fringe weather.

If you’re over your current hairstyle and really want a new look, let me recommend some long layers instead. They’re ideal for enhancing your natural hair texture and adding detail into to straight hair. They’re also easy to style and pull back in hot weather.

I hope I have saved you from a summer hair disaster!

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Tell me, have you suffered with a summer fringe too? Or do you have the secret to the perfect summer bangs?

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