Royal Style: The Hime or Princess Haircut – Cut

Royal Style: The Hime or Princess Haircut – Cut

In the miniseries version of Shōgun, now on Netlix and inspired by James Clavell’s historical novel, the Japanese royal women wear a haircut that will be familiar to lovers of anime, Japanese pop culture, and even Japanese history. The “hime” cut (from the Japanese word for “princess”) has evolved over the centuries, and today we see interpretations on the runway, in hair collections, and trending on TikTok.

What Is the Hime or Princess Cut?

Sometimes called “The Princess Cut” or the anime “jaw-drop haircut,” this style dates back over a thousand years.

 Wikipedia quotes Professor Tomita of Yamano College of Aesthetics who describes the cut as having originated from the hairstyles of noblewomen in the Heian period in Japan, which ran from 794 to 1185.  In the Edo period (1603-1868), which was the period during which the action of Shōgun is set, the style lives on and is worn by the highborn characters Mariko and Ochiba

The “hime” style features disconnected sidepieces, cut to the cheek bone or jaw line, and a heavy, blunt fringe. While the traditional cut was more severe, today these shorter side pieces might be blended into layers and waves, making them a bit more low-maintenance. 

A model with a princess cut.

Cut & Color: Gonzalo Murillo//Styling: Kumi Ito and Gonzalo Murillo//Makeup: Eliza Flowers

Moroccanoil Professional// Photographer: Renata Kaveh

A beautiful interpretation of this look was created by the Moroccanoil Professional Global Trend Team for a collection that is featured in our latest issue.  The artist who inspired the creation of this look is Moroccanoil Educator Kumi Ito (@kumiitohair), who began her artistic and aesthetic education at the International Beauty College in Tokyo.   Kumi relocated to London in 2007 and pursued projects in and out of the salon, including photo shoots, music videos and fashion shows.


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