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Queen Cosmetics – A Viral Sensation that’s worth the hype:

Since launching, Queen Cosmetics has skyrocketed to social media fame thanks to its futuristic vibe and ultra-smooth glittery formulations, and it has expanded to offer different lipgloss formulas and eyeshadows with unique finishes and super shimmery shades. Social Media icon Mikayla Nouriega, makeup artist Rose Siard, and even Lizzo’s makeup artist have used Queen Cosmetics to create shimmery looks. With each new product launch, Ellie continues to push the boundaries and create new shades and formulas you won’t find in other brands.

Unlike other ultra-glittery products you may have tried, Queen Cosmetics’ formulas offer intense shimmer and sparkle with a super smooth formula. The bold pigmentation and eye-catching packaging is equal parts aesthetically pleasing and fun to use, and the eyeshadow compact is refillable making it a fun and more sustainable addition to your collection.

In addition to making it their mission to develop innovative products with skin-loving ingredients, Queen Cosmetics is dedicated to breaking barriers in the beauty industry and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities. Queen Cosmetics is not just a brand; it’s a movement of empowerment and inclusivity.

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