Stand Out As a Wedding Stylist with These Strategies – Career

Stand Out As a Wedding Stylist with These Strategies – Career

Editor’s Note: Meagan Gallman and her salon, The Magnolia Parlor in Halzlehurst, MS, have established themselves as a go-to for bridal hair and makeup, having won awards and recognition in their area and beyond.  We asked Megan to talk about how she markets her business and how she sets herself apart. 


POV: You’re a multi-award-winning salon, recognized specifically for Bridal Hair and Bridal Makeup, now what?

Well, if you weren’t thrown into the Bridal Spotlight before, buckle up, babe, you are now! No need for those accolades to have been awarded in vain; this is a prime opportunity to vamp up your Bridal Service game. 

Having received accolades in the wedding side of the beauty industry is already going to bring attention to your Wedding Business. Rather than just putting it out there that you are “appreciative” of receiving this type of recognition and going on about your day, I encourage you to capitalize on this.

Stand Out As a Bridal Stylist

The moment I knew it was time to stand out, I went to work. I decided to create a way to make The Magnolia Parlor unforgettable to a bride for her special day. 

If you were to ask most any bride about her wedding day, she will likely tell you that she hardly remembers certain aspects from the day (thank goodness for photographers/videographers.) Knowing this, I decided to build the wedding preparation experience around this reality. 

The actual day of the wedding is typically chaotic, but in the most amazing way. As a Wedding Professional, at the very least, I can make our side of the wedding day an enjoyable, stress-free experience from start to finish. And when I say start to finish, I mean from the time the wedding date is secured with my salon, to the moment we conclude the finishing touches on the very soon to be Mrs.

Create a Wedding Contract

First order of business, create a Wedding Contract. Do so for the Wedding Hairstylist that will be performing the services and create a separate Wedding Makeup Contract. Be sure to be extremely detailed when creating these contracts. 

I have created a few versions since I created my very first contract, but with the help of a friend and fellow Bridal Stylist (Makeup- Jess King @jesskinghmu) I was able to get an idea of what should be included in this type of contract. 

Wedding Contracts are essential because all details and prices should be included. These prices cover everything from service cost to mileage, lodging, as well as rights to the photos and videos of the wedding. Should there be any questions remaining, they should be very minimal. By eliminating anything that may create a guessing game, more stress is relieved from the bride as well as you as the stylist.

*Best Pro Tip Ever*

Have 100% of the remaining total due the day before the wedding. No one wants to be chasing wedding party members down the day of the wedding and this eliminates the possibility of someone disappearing without paying for a service. (We all know this has happened at least once for every wedding stylist out there.)


Provide a Dream Experience 

Many years ago, I created a rule of thumb for myself when it comes to choosing a specialty (and now it is incorporated into my teaching curriculum): Take time and research your area.

Broaden the area research as much as you like; Wedding Stylists are everywhere. It is an exceptionally large and lucrative business. What is not being offered? What type of experience would you love as a bride? How can you provide a seamless Wedding Day experience?

  • Go On Location: Do you only service weddings in the salon? As convenient as that may be for us in the salon, you are missing out on big bucks since most weddings prefer a location stylist.
  • Wedding Packages: Should a Wedding Party choose to spend their day in the salon with you, how can you make it special? My salon, The Magnolia Parlor, offers packages for in salon wedding prep. At minimum, each package includes the entire salon booked out for the wedding party only.  No other guests will be serviced during that time, decorations to help set the vibe, bridal brunch with the menu chosen by the bride, as well as mimosas.
  • A Bridal Box: Each Bride serviced from the ladies from The Magnolia Parlor receives a white box with a few little happies to make her day more special. Included is a mini bottle of champagne and a glass each for the bride and groom. This is just a way to say, “Thank You for choosing us to be a part of your special day.”
  • Don’t forget the maids: A small bag with some wedding day necessities is always appreciated by the maids. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but including things such as individual mouth rinse packets, an individual makeup remover wipe, an individual face oil blotting paper, and individual packeted wine stain mouth wipes are always a win.
  • A picture is worth 1,000 words: As covered in the contract, you should have the right to use any video and photos from the wedding day. Obviously, do not post any photos or videos from the wedding prep on any social media platform until after the wedding has taken place. Be courteous. Afterwards, post away! People are always watching.

Marketing Your Wedding Business

 Word of mouth and referrals are great but having an online portfolio with reviews is even better. Social media is king in the business world, but a website is queen. They go hand in hand. 

Wedding Professionals will be searched for all day on social media, but places like and will be the next stop. Marketing on these websites will make a big difference. 

Your bride may not contact you directly from the website to book her special day, but if you have created a professional account, you have been seen. This is also where reviews come into play. These websites are where many wedding party members will leave a review, which is another reason to step up your wedding business game. Going above and beyond will only create good karma for your wedding business later. Remember, don’t let your recognitions be in vain. Seize the opportunity to level up and thrive!

Find Yourself a Coach

And if you need some extra guidance or some help getting started, here are many Salon Business Coach programs that specialize in the Wedding Industry. These programs help you grow your business from the inside out. Jody Snowden (@bridaltrade) of The Bridal Trade speaks on growing your business from multiple stand points. Her point of view comes from juggling the life tasks of being a wife, mother, and a successful Wedding Business owner.

Jody is an incredible mentor and coaches you in ways of marketing your Wedding Business and many tips and tricks to ensure that you are totally prepared for each wedding you style for. 

Another great Wedding Business Coach to check out is Brianna Michelle (@themillionairebabe.) She has several different Wedding Business programs to sign up for and they range anywhere from building your team to how to hit your financial goal in the Wedding Business. Be sure to check Brianna Michelle’s programs out at

Every Day Is a Good Day for a Wedding

When is Wedding Season in your area? Guess what, babe? It is ALWAYS Wedding Season! Gone are the days of traditional nuptials. Remember when weddings were held at 2 o’clock pm on a Saturday? Not anymore. Be prepared to book a wedding at anytime and anywhere!

And be prepared to provide the absolute best experience, ever. 


Mississippi-based Magnolia Parlor owner Meagan Gallman specializes in luxury custom hair color and is a Master Colorist of 14 years.

Gallman managed a salon in her hometown, owned a studio salon for 8 years, outgrew that space and built her dream salon, The Magnolia Parlor, where she now works. Within the first 6 months of opening, it was voted Overall Best Hair Salon in Mississippi for 2021.

After joining the Joico and Olivia Garden team as an educator, Gallman’s passion for color education skyrocketed. Working alongside and assisting some of the most prestigious names in the industry, Gallman shines in major hair transformations and feels passionate about educating stylists helping them reach success. Gallman offers stylists mentorship opportunities as assistants in her salon, where she teaches formulating, techniques and business education, she believes in the importance of stylists recognizing their worth from the start.

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