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In 2021 Village Barber was crowned ‘Best in Class’ at the USA’s prestigious The Manual Awards, earning recognition for its Beard Growth Oil product.

Fresh off the back of that success, Village Barber has signed a new agreement to export its male grooming range to North America and, next month, the company will begin distribution in South America, having concluded deals with distributors in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Whilst Village Barber has sights set on international growth, including plans to broaden its distribution throughout Europe, the company’s founder and Managing Director, Iain Kane, hasn’t forgotten the importance of its local customer-base.

As a Partner of Eleven Sports Media’s Newcastle United Executive Club, Village Barber is a familiar name in the North-East, particularly among the St James’ Park faithful. As a result of the partnership, which is managed by sports rights specialists, Eleven Sports Media, the company’s brand can be seen on digital displays throughout the stadium and on crowd-facing LED boards around the pitch.

Explaining the value of the Newcastle United Executive Club Partnership, Iain commented,

“Whilst we’re firmly focused on growing our brand nationally and internationally, I have always felt it is important for businesses to have a connection with their local community. Newcastle United has a huge fanbase and they are regularly seen on TV. By becoming a Newcastle United Executive Club partner, we’re able to reach out to customers in our community and those watching on TV.”

The company plans to expand its national reach further, launching a new TV commercial, which will air on the Sky Sports News channel later this year.

Village Barber evolved because Iain, who is a professional barber with over 40 years of experience, was repeatedly being asked for shaving advice from his customers. Iain explained,

“I have plied my trade all over the world for many years and, in that time, I have noticed a common complaint – that most gents simply don’t know how to shave properly. Men generally aren’t taught the art of shaving and, for that reason, most hate doing it. I noticed, too, that it was difficult for men to find quality grooming products that were free from harmful parabens and other chemicals. Village Barber was born to help those guys who not only wanted a great shave, but also wanted it without the potentially damaging chemicals and gasses that go into mainstream shaving products.”

Iain believes Village Barber has been so successful because they combine shaving education with quality grooming products. They only use natural ingredients in their balms and oils, which leaves skin feeling smooth and soft – especially for those with sensitive skin.

“We combine quality ingredients with practical advice on shaving technique, which has helped us grow a loyal customer base all over the world. In the last decade men have become increasingly conscious of their appearance, and the need to look after their skin. Social media has given more men a platform through which to learn traditional barbering methods as, increasingly, men have moved away from disposable or multi-blade razors, in favour of a traditional single, double edged, blade. It’s becoming increasingly important to consumers to shop ethically too, which is another reason for the success of Village Barber. Our products contain natural ingredients, making them kinder to the planet and are housed in fully recyclable bottles.”

As well as growing the Village Barber product range, Iain still owns a barber shop in Durham, believing it is important to keep in touch with the company’s core client base, adding,

“For me it is really important to remain ‘hands on’, in order to continue to understand our clients’ needs. Village Barber has that fusion of ‘traditional’ with a ‘modern’ twist sewed together by over 40 years’ experience.”

In 2022 Village Barber plans to broaden its reach further, seeking to add to its growing number of retailers, wholesalers and distributors in key territories such as Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

Iain concluded,

“We work with resellers, both large and small. We want to see Village Barber products in every barber shop and reputable male-grooming retailers across the UK and beyond. There has never been a better time to collaborate with us, as we are investing heavily in growing our brand, as well as strengthening our customer services resources to offer the best experience as well as the best grooming products.”

To learn more about Village Barber’s products or to become a distributor visit

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