Summer Hair Tips to Protect Color Between Salon Visits – Color

Summer Hair Tips to Protect Color Between Salon Visits – Color

Celebrity hair stylist William Whatley, also the new creative education director for Scruples Haircare unveiled his before and after hair color looks for summer. William debuted a Hollywood Blonde, Manhattan Brunette, and Red Carpet Copper. In addition to his color trend looks, he also provided tips on how to maintain color between salon visits.

Scruples summer hair color trend: Hollywood Blonde before and after. - Photo: German Alexander Photography

Scruples summer hair color trend: Hollywood Blonde before and after.

Photo: German Alexander Photography

In summer 2024, William believes we’ll see warmer lighter colors, layered haircuts like shags, and styles boasting natural volume and softness. 

“Hollywood Blonde embodies the natural feel of classic Hollywood, blending lighter golden blondes into a tone that evokes the timeless glamour of California’s iconic blonde bombshells. We are moving away from the ashes in the blondes to give more vibrancy and natural sun-kissed golden looks.”

— William Whatley, Creative Education Director for Scruples Haircare 

Manhattan Brunette epitomizes the rich, lustrous brunettes synonymous with the sophisticated charm of the East Coast, boasting captivating depth and an abundance of shine. “Scruples added in some of our berry tones to really give that reflective luscious vibrant brunette,” added Whatley. “We want to transform a dull brunette into a head-turning Manhattan Brunette look.”

Red Carpet Copper is a captivating blend of vibrant, bright, and soft, orange-based coppers, blended with beautiful golden hues to achieve that coveted Red Carpet Copper look. “Scruples’ coppers are that perfect blend without going over the top that every copper-headed client is looking for,” he added.

Whatley’s Tips to obtain great color, protect it, and increase longevity

Tip #1 Clean Hair: The myth of needing to come into the salon with dirty hair is over. Hair color does not have ammonia content like it used to. I suggest a mild clarifying shampoo the day before so when clients come in there isn’t an unwanted buildup on hair. The color process will run smoothly and lead to a great color deposit. 

Tip #2 – Products Matter: Consumers need to take their hair stylist’s advice on specific products for at-home use. 75% of hair color retainment is on the client’s shoulders. What you do at home is just as important as what happens in the salon. If I tell you to use a specific product to seal the cuticle, you should do it. At-home use is the insurance you need to keep the color fresh. Luckily, Scruples has leave-in products designed to make the color last.

Tip #3 – Protect Hair from Summer Elements: Stay out of direct sun and stay out of chlorine-treated pools. If you’re going to be in the pool daily, my top tip is to really cover your hair with a mask that’s going to coat the hair and act as a shield, not allowing the chlorine to penetrate into the hair and then after you’re done with your swimming, just do a quick light shampoo and quick conditioner just to keep your hair in shape. The one that I recommend most is Scruples ER emergency repair conditioner: just apply generously all over the hair comb through and dive in. I also personally love the Scruples Total Integrity Ultra Rich Shampoo for those with dry hair. It’s amazing for maintaining beautiful hair color. Also has sun damage protectant properties, leaving any hair type protected and hydrated.

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