The 3 Dyson Supersonic Attachments You’ll Love Most – Style

The 3 Dyson Supersonic Attachments You’ll Love Most – Style

Salon owner and natural hair expert Yene Damtew (@yenedamtew) loves working with and transforming healthy hair. As an advocate and educator of hair health, she’s always looking for products that help her do her job while minimizing damage. So, as you can imagine, Damtew and Dyson are a match made in heaven.

Dyson’s high-tech heat styling tools are world-renowned for being the hairdresser’s right hand throughout their day. The brand’s Supersonic blow dryer is one of the most popular and most sought-after heat tools out there for its ability to get a better dry with less heat and, therefore, less damage. The dryer is even more effective and versatile with its array of nozzle attachments, which are included when you buy. Here are the three that Damtew uses the most on her curly and natural clients.

Styling Concentrator

This is the absolute best nozzle for drying with a round brush. You get the most control because of how the flat shape of the styling concentrator enhances and directs the airflow exactly where you want it—perfect for a shiny, bouncy blowout, like Damtew gives her client here.


Curly stylists love a good diffuser. It does the opposite of the concentrator, dispersing airflow to give curls an even, gentle dry and reducing overall frizz. The finger coils that Damtew does on her client here are extra-satisfying when dried with the Supersonic and its diffuser.

Wide-tooth Comb

If you’re wanting to straighten out some curly hair as it dries, this is the perfect attachment for you. The airflow is concentrated, and the wide teeth of the comb mean no snags on tangly hair. You’ll get a super quick dry and hair will be significantly lengthened.

Wondering about the notorious Dyson price tag? Well, there’s a reason stylists and at-home haircare enthusiasts alike still line up excitedly to obtain these tools. Dyson puts years of research and innovation into each tool they make. The stylist’s life is made easier by features such as magnetic attachments, smart heat control, and damage-defying technology. To have a Dyson is to have one of the highest-quality tools on the market.

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