The 8 Best Boar Bristle Brushes For Healthier Hair in 2024

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In terms of hair care, people turn to products over selecting a proper brush. Yet a proper brush is as essential to maintaining healthy hair as a product. Boar bristle brushes are porous. This makes them the ultimate tool for maintaining shining tresses.

Top Boar Bristle Hair Brushes in 2024

Here are the best eight boar bristle brushes to shine up your locks!

1. Best Boar Bristle Brush Overall: Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle Hair Brush

Mason Pearson is renowned for its handmade brushes, known for their exceptional quality. Their boar bristle brushes are available in various sizes and styles, each designed to stimulate the scalp, evenly distribute natural oils, and reduce frizz.

These brushes are crafted with premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. The only drawback is it is too much pricey. However, those who have used it say that it is well worth it.

2. Best For All Hair Types: Spornette Deville Cushion Wooden Paddle Brush

The Spornette DeVille Cushion Boar Bristle Brush comes in at a close second with boar bristle brushes. It is another pure boar brush at a much cheaper rate than Mason Pearson, but it doesn’t offer portability.

The brush’s performance is unmatched when compared to brushes with nylon bristles. This brush is suitable for all hair type but to use it effectively, it’s important to section your hair properly, and there are instructional videos available for this purpose.

With the wooden handle, this brush is designed to last. You can also choose the boar and nylon variation to detangle thick hair and stimulate the scalp.


3. Best For Thick Hair: Diane Premium 100% Boar Bristle 2-Sided Club Brush

The Diane Premium Club Wave Brush is excellent for men, especially those with medium to coarse hair. It’s great for styling, like creating wave patterns in textured hair. The wooden brush also works well for everyday hair care.

This is one of the few brushes that are ideal for very coarse hair. The firm side handles very coarse hair while the medium side handles medium coarse hair. Yet, it is gentle to use on sensitive scalps.

Plus, it’s good for grooming beards and mustaches. Its durability, thanks to the wooden base and strong bristles, makes it a long-lasting choice for men’s grooming needs.

Customers report with boar brushes that they often lose bristles. Diane has eliminated this issue by using implantation technology. It is a wonderful brush that takes into consideration a specific niche.

We should also mention that this brush is equally good for fine, wavy, or curly hair. The bristles are gentle on sensitive scalps.

4. Best Boar Bristle/Nylon Combination – SHASH Nylon Boar Bristle Brush

SHASH Boar and Nylon Brush create a special duality. The boar bristles increase shine and promote growth. The nylon creates a smoother appearance.

The brush is well-regarded for normal to thick hair. It’s also known for evenly distributing sebum across the scalp, naturally conditioning hair, and improving its overall texture. This makes styling easier while also offering mild exfoliation to reduce scalp buildup and stimulate healthier hair growth.

The brush is made in Germany and features eco-sourced wood, indicating its quality and durability. It’s available in three sizes: small (suitable for kids and travel), medium (for everyday use), and large (ideal for long, thick hair).

Users have reported significant improvements in hair and scalp health after using this brush, noting enhanced shine, reduced frizz, and overall healthier-looking hair. Its design is particularly beneficial for those looking for a brush similar to more expensive options like the Mason Pearson, but at a more affordable price point. 

5. Best Hairbrush For Different Hair Length: AIMIKE Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Hair Brush with Boar Bristles

The AIMIKE Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Hair Brush is designed with a combination of boar bristles and advanced technologies. It features a round barrel that’s suitable for blow drying, styling, curling, and adding volume and shine to your hair.

The unique blend of boar bristles and ceramic and ionic technologies enhances the brush’s ability to improve hair texture and reduce frizz.

The nano thermic construction seals hair cuticles. Hair becomes softer, shinier, and more manageable. The boar bristles help in maintaining healthy hair. This, too, enhances shine and moisturizes the hair.

It’s available in various sizes to cater to different hair lengths and styling needs.

Typically, the 1 and 1.3-inch smaller barrel brushes are better for shorter hair, as they can create tighter curls and more volume near the roots. The cons are that bristles are closer together making it ideal for shorter hairstyles. While it creates great volume in short styles, it will tangle shoulder-length hair.

The 1.7-inch Medium-sized brush is versatile and can be used for a variety of hair lengths, ideal for creating waves and volume.

A 2.1-inch brush is generally best for longer hair, as it can smooth and straighten long strands more effectively. The size of the brush you choose should match your hair length and the style you want to achieve.

6. Best Innovative Design: Orly’s Dream Curved Vented Brush

Orly’s Dream has created a unique brush. The design of the bristles is trimmed by workers so that hair can be combed at different depths.

The design allows for a thousand-point massage increasing circulation exponentially. Since it can penetrate the hair shaft better, it removes dandruff, dust, and grease from the hair. It is ideal for long hair, as it has the least pull-on hair, and painlessly combs out knots.

While it says it is for all hair, it works best on longer, thicker manes. The wider brush paddle may lessen contact with short hair.

7. Best For Fine or Thin Hair: Chibello Boar Bristle Hairbrush Set

Chibello’s short-haired brush set comes coated with sebum aiding in overall hair health. It is made with real boar hair, bamboo, and natural rubber making it environmentally friendly. The brush also touts protective antioxidant properties.

The combination of bamboo/boar is superior to plastic brushes. It creates a zero to negative charge thereby reducing static in dry, winter months.

Most of the complaints are about using long hair. It is not meant for long hair! The bristles are not long enough, nor spaced far apart enough. This works best on short to medium hair due to bristle length. It will penetrate the shaft better.

8. Best Men’s Brush: ZilberHaar Beard Brush Pro

Brushes aren’t just designed for women or just for hair (on the head). This compilation would be amiss if we didn’t mention ZiberHaar’s superior boar bristle brush for men’s beards.

Made with 100% pure, first-cut boar bristles, it is a must for keeping any length beard healthy. It comes with a long brush for a morning routine and a regular brush for daily maintenance.

It reduces beard itch by getting rid of dead skin cells. It also detangles beard and reduces ingrown beard hair. The product is well made and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

How to Take Care of A Boar Bristle Brush

Please note that maintenance of a boar bristle hairbrush is equally essential. Since many of these are natural, special consideration needs to be made to keep them in their best shape.

As with most brushes, be sure to regularly remove hair from the bristles. This can be done with fingers, or the end of a soft comb. Be gentle, especially with pure or soft boar bristles. These bristles can easily become dislodged, so you want to take extra care when cleaning.

Next, fill the sink with warm water, Then, place a few drops of shampoo directly into the water. Grip the handle, then swirl it around in the water for a few minutes. If it has a wooden handle or fabric pad, do not soak the brush. It will damage it.

Rinse the brush with lukewarm water to remove the shampoo. This will also loosen any dirt or debris collected in the brush. Use your hand to go through the bristles to make sure nothing is left behind. Shake out excess water, and place face down on a towel to dry.

A boar bristle hairbrush may take longer to dry as it is natural over synthetic. Regular maintenance will keep it in optimal health and increase its life expectancy.

Boar hair bristles offer the best in hair care. They are effective in removing dead skin cells and debris from hair. Also, they circulate sebaceous oils throughout the hair shaft making strands soft and healthier looking.

This brush stimulates the scalp thereby increasing proper circulation. It stimulates oil production and unclogs pores. This makes the boar bristle hairbrush essential if a person has poor circulation due to underlying health conditions, or even in the case of thinning hair.

Boar Bristle Brush Buying Guide

boar bristle brush buying guideboar bristle brush buying guide
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Whether hair is normal, dry, or oily, all types of hair benefit from a boar bristle brush. The brush allows for even the distribution of natural oils (sebum) in the hair. It takes the moisture from the roots and distributes it throughout the hair shaft. The result is less breakage (dry hair) and less oily hair.

This type of brush gently massages the scalp unclogging hair follicles. It increases blood flow and circulation resulting in healthier hair. Improper blood flow can cause hair not to grow. This may be why people experience hair loss and slow growth.

A boar bristle brush cleans hair better than any other type of brush. It removes dead cells, dust, and dirt from the hair. Additionally, sebum collects at the roots and weighs it down. It makes hair look greasy. Boar bristle brushes take this oil away from the roots and condition the rest of the hair.

Sebaceous oil naturally protects the hair from damage by coating the strand. It moisturizes hair by sealing it in. This prevents split ends and frizz due to dryness.

The best part of a boar bristle brush is that it balances out sebaceous oil. It removes oil by evenly distributing it through the hair. This eliminates oiliness.

For dry hair, the massaging action helps stimulate oil production. Brushing it helps moisturize the hair making it shiny.

Look For A Brush With “First Cut” Boar Bristles

While more expensive, first-cut brushes are taken from the root or bulb end of the bristle. This end is thicker and allows for improved penetration into the hair shaft. The bristles are stiffer, but it is gentler on the scalp.

Choose The Correct Bristle Length For Your Hair

Make sure that the length of the bristle is long enough to penetrate the hair. If the bristle isn’t long enough, it will not massage the scalp. The bristles need to reach the scalp to receive the full health benefits from the product.

For example, long, thick hair would need longer bristles to reach the scalp. Too short bristles will not penetrate through the density of the hair. The result is that dirt and dead hair aren’t being effectively removed. Also, oil isn’t being evenly distributed because the bristles aren’t reaching the scalp.

Make sure that the brush has the correct rows. If it doesn’t, it will not penetrate individual hair well.

Choose The Correct Brush According To Hair Type

There is a debate going on about pure versus pure boar hair/nylon combinations. The nylon/boar combination helps preserve the brush.

Fine hair requires a pure boar bristle brush. Oils will notably weigh this type of hair down. This type of brush will increase oil distribution leaving it healthier looking.

Thinning, damaged or chemically treated hair requires an extra-soft bristle to prevent breakage. A soft bristle will stimulate the scalp and increase circulation to the hair follicle increasing hair growth.

A mixed bristle brush benefits medium to thick hair. The mixture of nylon and boar bristles dually benefits the user. Nylon detangles hair, while boar bristles evenly distribute sebum. It also smooths the hair’s cuticle.

Use a brush with wider spacing for thick or coarse hair. Firm bristles will offer more control. It’s easier to use and will cause fewer tangles.

Short hair requires a small, round boar bristle brush. It catches every strand and can generate volume.


Select The Correct Width

Long hair requires a wider width between bristles than short hair to prevent tangles. Bristles that are too close together will become knotted in long hair causing damage.

Conversely, short hair requires bristles to be closer together. Bristles that are too far apart won’t catch each hair properly. It will be ineffective. A round brush is also beneficial to short hair as it creates extra volume and lifts.

All of these points need to be taken into consideration when selecting a brush. Each hair type has different requirements to keep it healthy. Education is important when selecting the right one.


Whatever the need, this type of hairbrush will meet it. All that needs to be considered is what type is best for your hair. Properly maintained, this hairbrush will last for a very long time. As most people say, definitely worth the investment.

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