The Fastest, Most Lucrative Hair Service – Extensions

The Fastest, Most Lucrative Hair Service – Extensions

How do you make your clients feel 10 times more glamorous in a literal instant? Give them a custom Halo Extension piece! Halo Couture Extensions are the absolute fastest way to add length and thickness to your client’s hair without any commitment on their part. In fact, they can simply remove and reinstall the extension piece at home whenever they want.

If you’re doubting how anything can be that easy, see how MODERN SALON Artist Connective Member Amber Baranzini (@amburgerofhair) transforms her clients in seconds with a simple Halo install.

Easy Installation

The magic of the Original Halo Extension is all in the no-show wire, which allows you to simply place the piece and seamlessly blend the extensions into your client’s hair in just three quick steps. The extensions will be secure without any level of permanence, so they’re extremely versatile and especially perfect for a special night out or daily wear.

Luxurious Length

If your client is looking for length or volume but doesn’t want the commitment or time investment that comes with tape-ins or hand-tied wefts, the Halo is the perfect option. Besides being made of ethically sourced 100% Remy human hair for that natural, high-quality look and feel, the Halo comes with the benefits of zero damage, zero commitment, and zero at-home difficulty. What’s better than that?

Custom Color

The Original Halo comes in 30 different colors (including some balayage colors) and four different lengths, so that you can match your client’s hair color perfectly while giving them the length they desire. And if you need an even closer match, you can custom color the Halo for your client. If they want a bright and vivid color, you can easily color a lighter Halo their desired hue.

Becoming a Halo Couture distributor can really boost your revenue, your client base, and of course, your clients’ confidence. Clients can only obtain Halo Extensions through stylists, so don’t pass up the opportunity to be their hero by giving them the hair of their dreams.

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