The Quickest, Easiest Way to Give Clients Long, Thick Hair – Extensions

The Quickest, Easiest Way to Give Clients Long, Thick Hair – Extensions

As a salon owner and expert stylist, Hailey Mahone (@haileymahonehair) enjoys gracing clients with the hair of their dreams—which often includes extensions. After all, who doesn’t want additional length, extra thickness, and maybe a fun new color at some point in their life? Fortunately, Mahone has an easy way to accomplish all of this in one simple step through Halo Couture extensions.

The Original Halo by Halo Couture is the absolute easiest way to transform your clients’ hair without any commitment on their part as it can be easily removed and reinstalled at home. They can only obtain the Halo through you, their professional stylist. That means happy clients, an easy service, and more profits for you. See how Mahone customizes Halo Couture to fit her clients’ (and her own) needs.

Length With Layers

This client’s smile tells all as she shows off her new look. Mahone installed an 18-inch layered Halo in a color that exactly matches the client’s hair. This client now has the freedom to rock her seamlessly blended new hair, and also to simply remove it at the end of the day, knowing that she can look just as fabulous tomorrow.

Trendy Styles

Have your clients ever wanted to try some trendy long-hair styles, but just didn’t have the length? The Halo fixes that problem in a single minute. Watch Mahone effortlessly give herself a trendy boho braid with her extensions installed. Your clients would have so much fun with all that length!

Custom Colored Tresses

Mahone loves the added length the 22-inch Halo gives her. Under this post, she mentions to a commenter that she toned her own Halo to match her exact hair color. One of the many beautiful aspects of the Halo is that you can custom color it based on your client’s desires. The Halo comes in a wide array of colors (including balayage), but you can certainly change it up if needed. Whether you want to give them an exact color match or a fun peekaboo color, the Halo makes it all possible.

Since Halo Couture only sells to consumers through their stylists, you have an opportunity to offer your clients a product that can make them instantly glamorous, something that they may discover they’ve been waiting for their whole lives without knowing it.

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