The Wolf Cut For Men

The wolf cut combines two retro hairstyle trends – the shag and mullet – into one cool look. The fringe can be worn forward or parted into curtains, another comeback look.

The wolf cut isn’t new but it might be new to you. Ziggy Stardust, aka David Bowie, first rocked the look in the 1970s. The mullet with bangs combination saw a come back in the 1990s as South Korean soccer star Kim Byung-ji‘s signature style. Now it’s back, again starting in South Korea and popularized around the world.

So what is this hairstyle? The wolf cut combines shaggy fringe at the front with a mullet at the back.

A shag haircut is all about multiple hair lengths that add volume and texture to hair. The layers can be messy, wavy, or curly but always have some thickness and shape. Shag styles also get thinner towards the ends.

A mullet is characterized by short hair at the front with longer hair at the neck. It can be any length, it’s just about having longer locks at the back. The difference between a mullet and wolf cut is how much hair is at the back. The wolf mullet isn’t as wide or full as a mullet.

And like Ziggy Stardust, the wolf cut is popular for men and women or can an androgynous look. Check out these cool ways to wear the long for short, medium, and long hair.

1. The Original Wolf Haircut

The White Box Thailand

Here’s the original wolf haircut as seen on thick, straight Asian hair.

2. Shag + Mullet

John Carmona

This is the very definition of the wolf cut with a choppy bangs, layers that add fullness around the head, and flow at the neckline that thins out towards the tips.

4. The Baby Wolf

House of AANUKO

The baby wolf is a shorter version of the cut. This is a really cool way to get those 90s bangs and some flow too. It’s similar to the two-block haircut but has more length at the back.

5. Center Part + Hair Curtains

Leandro Gonzales

Another way to get that 90s styles is with equal hair curtains from a center part. Some product may be required to keep that part and lock in that wave.

6. Teen Wolf

Wes Staucet

These textured bangs have more volume than the mullet so it fits the definition of a wolf cut. Note the hint of a temple fade that perfectly lines up with the glasses arm.

8. Wolf Haircut For Long Hair

Zaebis Haircuts

The contrast between thick fringe with a thinner mullet works is even more exaggerated with long hair.

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