These Were the Most-Searched Nail Trends of 2022 – Full Service

These Were the Most-Searched Nail Trends of 2022 – Full Service

Looking back on this past year, we saw a lot of nail trends born or revived. Some were thanks to celebrities (looking at you, Hailey Bieber), other trends were based on TV shows, and some looks were classics that were having their comeback moment.

We looked at the 10 most popular nail trend-related Google searches of 2022 to share them with you. Did your clients ask for any of these? Maybe it’ll provide some insight on what will trend in 2023, or perhaps just give you some nostalgia for an earlier point in the year. Either way, these popular nail trends certainly defined the nail industry this year.

  1. Hailey Bieber Nails

Now we know for sure that this was the biggest nail trend of 2022. Celebrity nail technician Zola Ganzorigt (@nailsbyzola) broke the internet when she created these simple, elegant “glazed donut” nails on Hailey Bieber for the Met Gala using OPI. Suddenly they were everywhere, and pearl chrome powders were sold out for months.

  1. Red Nail Theory

Did you know that straight men are predisposed to be attracted to women wearing red? And the same goes for red nails of any shade. It’s a research-backed psychological phenomenon that the TikTok community was very enthusiastic about this year.

  1. Milky Nails

These are closely related to glazed donut trend, but without the chrome. The look is characterized by a translucent shade of milky white polish for a beautiful, any-occasion mani. As a simple, versatile look, no wonder it was so popular this year.

  1. Half-Moon Nails

Lunulas really became the star this year. The half-moon trend is when the cuticle area of the nail is a different color than the rest, or simply just nude. The design resembles a half moon, mimicking the shape of the lunula in a natural nail. It opens the door for so many possibilities and color combos.

  1. Chrome Nails

Chrome is always popular, but it enjoyed some extra popularity this year, most likely due to Hailey’s glazed donuts. But chrome comes in so many more colors than the white pearl that shot to fame this year. The pretty powder is so accessible and easy to apply that anyone can have gorgeous metallic nails.

  1. Pink Coffin Nails

Pink coffins are a baddie classic. Barbiecore was huge this past summer after shots leaked of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling filming the upcoming Barbie movie. The Barbie vibes of the pink coffin nail compliment the trend perfectly, but are also a year-round go-to for many.

  1. Euphoria Nails

Euphoria was one of the most popular shows of 2022, with Season 2 airing at the beginning of the year. Among some of the iconic details in the show were the beautiful, unique nail designs. Enthusiasts everywhere jumped on the chance to recreate the show’s best nail moments.

  1. Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails

Hailey strikes again. Another take on the glazed donut nails, the chocolate version is done with a brown polish base of your choice. Not quite as nice as the original version to us, but iterations are how great new ideas are born.

  1. Mardi Gras Nails

The biggest celebration in New Orleans makes for some awesome nail designs. Purple, yellow and green come together to create festive designs for the lively holiday.

  1. Pink French Tip Nails

Pink is the new white for French tips. These days, French tips come in a wide array of colors and designs, but pink is certainly one of the most popular choices. Baddies and Barbiecore enthusiasts agree.

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