Top 4 Laser Caps For 2024 (Based on Thorough Research & Consumer Data Signals)

Top 4 Laser Caps For 2024 (Based on Thorough Research & Consumer Data Signals)



Low-level laser therapy, also referred to as low-level light therapy, is the solution to hair loss that you’ve been waiting for. While it’s not a hair loss treatment that works for everyone, with the best laser hair growth device, hair regrowth is possible. The most appealing aspect of this treatment, aside from the fact that many men and women have reported that it’s effective, is the fact that you have total control over the frequency of treatment. And it’s for a flat fee.

After purchasing a device, you can use it for several years to treat thinning hair or hair loss. Of course, this type of hair growth treatment won’t work for everyone. But, considering there are no known side effects, it’s very gentle on the scalp and it’s a much more affordable option compared to expensive surgical procedures, makes it the best choice for hair loss sufferers on a tight budget. Here are the best laser hair growth devices in 2024.

How We Chose the Leading Best LLLT Device

Considering there are so many styles and types of LLLT hair growth devices on the market, we narrowed down our search. You will find the best laser hair growth devices chosen by the four best-selling models of LLLT caps. Each type of technology comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, all the devices use the same or similar low-level laser technology that makes them effective. Of course, we’ve also taken into consideration treatment length, average growth results, ease of use, and versatility. This results in a total of four laser hair growth devices that are currently dominating the market for a variety of reasons. 

Best Laser Hair Growth Device

These hair growth LLLT devices are a popular option because they feature hands-free operation. This means you can multitask while undergoing hair restoration treatment. However, this type of convenience often comes at a price. While not the most affordable option, many people who choose LLLT caps or helmets do so because they believe they provide even treatment. In contrary, the laser comb devices require the user to apply treatment evenly throughout the scalp. Below you will find our top four laser cap models, starting off with the Kiierr 272 Premier Laser Cap. 

Our Top Pick For 2024 – Kiierr 272 Premier Laser Cap 

Our Rating: (5/5)

Kiierr’s laser caps are completely portable and provide extreme convenience when it comes to hair growth. You can choose between four: 148 Pro, 272 Premier, 272 MD, and 272 MD Elite. These caps contain 148 and 272 medical grade laser diodes. This treatment is able to be done in the comfort of your own home whenever is convenient for you. The caps are equipped with an installed timer, keeping track of your 30-minute treatment for you. This allows you to complete other tasks while successfully growing your hair!

With the purchase of your Kiierr laser cap, you can expect a free 2-year warranty and a 7-month growth guarantee. This means that if you have any problems with your device, Kiierr will replace it for free. The 7-month growth guarantee guarantees hair growth success after 7-months of use. If you do not see successful hair growth results after consistently using your Kiierr hair growth device for 7-months, you can receive your FULL money back. This allows customers to purchase with ease and have confidence going into your hair growth journey!

Kiierr 272 Premier Reviews – 734 on Kiierr website product page – Overall Very Positive

2024 Newest Product Pick: Kiierr 272 MD Elite Laser Cap For Hair Growth – 25% Larger (for more coverage & larger heads)

Our Rating: (5/5)

The Kiierr laser cap, specifically the 272 MD Elite Laser Cap Bundle, is a fantastic option. This is largely due to its specs (272 medical grade laser diodes) and affordable pricing. This cap is approx. 25% larger than the original premier model for even more coverage and hair growth! Plus its smart! This high end laser cap has built in sensors to turn itself off if it begins to fall off your head, so no worries if you happen to fall asleep during treatment! It is designed to promote hair regrowth through the use of low-level lasers (laser diodes) that stimulate the scalp. These diodes increase blood flow, collagen and proteins to the hair follicles which improves the cellular health.


Unlike some other models, this cap only uses medical grade laser diodes which are more effective for hair loss. Light emitted from LED’s occurs in a spread out fashion which does not allow as much penetration to the scalp and hair follicles. On it’s website, this model by Kiierr has received an impressive amount of positive consumer feedback. This is the result of impressive aesthetics, comfort and most of all fast hair regrowth. 

The Kiierr 272 MD Elite is the premier cap from the very popular Kiierr hair growth brand which was launched in late 2020. This high end Laser Hair cap is a portable, LLLT device that uses 272 medical-grade laser diodes during treatment time.

This Kiierr smart laser cap uses only high end medical grade laser diodes are preferred over LED lights as the light emitted is more focused and transforms to more hair regrowth. The light is emitted at the 650nm wavelength to treat hair loss and help restore thinning hair. For all these reasons we LOVE the Kiierr 272 MD Elite laser cap for hair growth.

This revolutionary laser cap gives you everything you love about the uber popular Kiierr 272 Premier cap in a premium (more coverage) version! It is the “Cadillac” of laser caps.

Kiierr 272 MD Elite Benefits/features include:

  • Used in doctor’s offices and hair restoration clinics across the USA
  • Upgraded battery
  • Longer, wider and deeper base to promote thicker hair even on sides/back of scalp.
  • Approx. 25% larger than the original for more scalp coverage. Fits up to 24.5″
  • Hardwired portable battery for increased treatments per charge.
  • Programmed sensor technology. Cap will not turn on if it is not on your head.
  • No reminder beeps.
  • Enhanced laser panel with individual diode lasers.
  • Includes Kiierr hair growth bundle (shampoo, conditioner & vitamins).
  • Includes laser cap carrying case.
  • Includes 3 year product warranty.

The Kiierr 272 MD Elite is currently available to the general public for a limited time. This product is typically only available through physicians.

This product is FDA cleared, making it both safe and effective for women and men over the age of 18. It’s extremely lightweight at only 2.9 pounds. It features a nicely designed baseball style cap, which provides a comfortable fit, unlike some of the more “uniquely” designed laser helmets.

The portable nature of this laser cap (comes with a rechargeable battery pack clip worn on your waist) allows you to comfortably perform household chores and other activities while performing your treatment. The lightweight design makes it extremely comfortable for the 30-minute treatment period.

Kiierr products adhere to strict ISO manufacturing standards and are rated for at least 15,000 hours of use. So you can rest assured that these laser caps are built to last. Kiierr offers an impressive 3-year product warranty and 7-month money back guarantee with this model giving you enhanced peace of mind.

Operation is simple. Place the helmet on your head, clip the portable battery pack to your waist, press and hold the power button for roughly 4-5 seconds, and that’s it! The cap will even turn itself off after the 30-minute treatment period. You’ll use this device just 30 minutes every other day until achieving your desired results. Like most LLLT devices, you’ll typically see results within 6-8 months of use.

Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap

Our Rating: (4/5)

Illumiflow offers three different laser caps to choose from at purchase. These caps consist of the Illumiflow 148 Laser Cap, Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap and Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap. These devices differ in the number of laser diodes and do not contain LEDs. 

This laser cap is FDA-cleared and uses advanced low level laser technology to safely stimulate healthy hair regrowth without any harmful side effects. The Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap does come at a competitive price and has a product warranty of 5 years. 

Downside: There are a few repeated issues within their reviews of lasers going out and not working or the battery packs not charging properly or working at all. 

Illumiflow 272 Pro Reviews – 325 Amazon Reviews – Mostly positive but some reviews about lack of quality.

Diamond by Illumiflow LUX Laser Hair Growth System

Diamond by Illumiflow Lux laser capDiamond by Illumiflow Lux laser cap

Our Rating: (4/5)

This may be the highest end (spare no expense for your hair growth) laser hair growth system on the market, the only reason it’s not 5/5 is the higher price tag. However if you’re more concerned with quality and hair growth than price, this might be the perfect fit for you!

Why Your Hair is Falling Out and How LLLT Hair Growth Devices Can Help

Hair shedding is completely normal and part of everyday life. Hair can be found in your hairbrush, your couch cushions, and it can even clog the drain. On average, a person can lose up to two hundred strands a day, and it’s totally normal. But if you start shedding significantly more than you used to, or you begin to notice your hair becoming thinner, then it’s time to take action. 

When it comes to hair loss, the truth is there are so many potential triggers. It can be difficult to pinpoint why your hair is falling out or how to treat the situation. Despite the fact that we mainly hear about men and hair loss, it’s also common in women. In fact, one in three women will suffer from reduced hair growth or hair loss at some point in their life. So, if you start losing strands, don’t panic. The best laser hair growth device can help boost hair growth in no time. 

 In order to help you to determine if LLLT treatment will be effective for you, we’ll take a look at some of the leading causes of hair loss in both men and women. 

1.) Genetics

Genetics can play a role when it comes to hair loss in both men and women. If you’ve realized you’re genetically predisposed to hair loss or thinning hair, LLLT treatment is the perfect solution. It is also a great way to treat the problem before it starts. When genetics are to blame, certain hair follicles are sensitive to male hormones. This type of increased sensitivity will cause hair follicles to shrink gradually. The hair that does grow will be shorter and much finer than the hair you once had. The hair will continue to change in thickness and texture with each hair growth cycle. 

2.) Hormonal Imbalances 

Are your hormones out of whack? A hormonal imbalance can cause a number of significant health related issues from weight gain, acne, increased body hair and hair loss on the scalp. Unfortunately, hormones play a huge role in the hair growth phase. Male and female hormones can significantly shorten the hair growth cycle. So, if you’ve noticed a boost in body hair, fatigue, and hair loss on your scalp, it’s time to make an appointment with your physician. Again, LLLT treatment will not be effective in terms of helping you regrow your hair until you begin treatment for the hormonal imbalance. 

3.) Thyroid Health 

The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism. It does so by controlling tissue use of oxygen and the production of proteins. A thyroid imbalance, whether the gland is producing too much or too little thyroid hormones, can lead to hair loss. If left untreated it can also result in anemia, which will further worsen your hair loss situation. Seek immediate  medical treatment if you suspect an overactive or under-active thyroid. In some cases, if treatment isn’t sought right away, hair loss can be permanent. 

4.) Dieting 

Dramatic weight loss can have a major impact on hair growth and health. Often, when we suffer from some type of nutritional deficiency, it affects our hair health first. This is just one of the many reasons it’s important to avoid crash dieting and shoot for only a one to two-pound weight loss per week. LLLT treatments may be effective for this type of hair loss, as long as you’re working on correcting any nutritional deficiencies by switching to a well-balanced diet. 

5.) Aging 

If you’re in your late forties, changes in the body can have an effect on your hair. Hair loss tends to become more prevalent in men around the age of forty and in women right after menopause. As we grow older, the hair also ages and naturally becomes thinner. It’s considered a normal part of aging. However, with ongoing treatment, LLLT therapy can help promote hair growth and can even help to thicken existing hair. 

Taking Action 

Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight. Hair grows in cycles which means it can take several months for your hair to fall out after a hair loss trigger. If you start to notice excessive shedding on a daily basis that lasts longer than three months, it’s time to make an appointment with your physician. In some cases, it can be an underlying factor that requires medical attention. For others, it could simply be a matter of genetics. It’s very important not to panic during this time. Doing so will only increase hair fall since stress is a major factor that can affect the hair growth cycle. 

The Best Laser Cap for Hair Loss: Who Can Benefit?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair loss can be very distressing. Once you begin noticing there’s more hair in the sink or in your brush, it hits you hard and can have a major impact on your confidence. But if caught during the early stages, safe treatments such as low laser light therapy and laser caps for hair loss can help stimulate new hair growth in just a matter of months. Laser caps can be used by a male or female ages 18 and older.

This type of laser therapy has been proven to effectively treat androgenic alopecia, also known as female and male pattern baldness. People with this type of alopecia have a gene that makes the scalp more sensitive to the effects of dihydrotestosterone, also known as the androgenic hormone or DHT. Dihydrotestosterone can build up in the roots of hair follicles. Individuals who are predisposed to this type of hormone sensitivity will experience hair loss as the roots of hair follicles become smaller and smaller. The hair follicles will eventually become dormant, causing hair to stop growing completely. 

Laser Hair Growth Device to the Rescue

There are a few phases of hair growth:

  • Anagen phase
  • Catagen phase 
  • Telogen phase

Anagen is the hair growth phase. The catagen phase is known as the transition stage in which the follicles start shrinking. In the telogen phase, hair follicles become dormant, causing hair fall. 

Laser light therapy helps to stimulate the hair follicles, causing them to remain in the anagen phase longer. It’s a great option for how to regrow hair on bald spot, or those experiencing a significant increase in hair fall. The wavelength of the laser therapy has a unique ability to become absorbed by hair follicle molecules. The light emitted by the best laser hair growth device will penetrate deep down into the scalp and stimulate epidermal stem cells. These stem cells are responsible for hair follicle regeneration. 

The improved circulation to the scalp increases both oxygen flow and the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles. Laser light therapy can also stimulate metabolic processes that are crucial for hair growth, while also preventing DHT build up. LLLT use can also effectively treat wispy, thin, weak hair. Hair growing after laser treatment can appear to be healthier, shiner, thicker. 

This is also an excellent treatment designed to stop hair loss in its tracks. However, treatment is only effective if hair follicles are active. Treatment will not cause hair to grow in follicles that are considered dead. You can easily identify dead hair follicles on the scalp, as these areas will have no hair at all. Because of this, it’s best to begin treatment as soon as possible in order to maximize the benefits of hair restoration. 

Treatment Length 

LLLT treatment offers an easy solution to anyone in search of how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally. This hair growth treatment can be done at home using the best laser hair growth device, or it can be done at the salon, dermatology office, or private practice. Each treatment typically lasts between ten to thirty minutes. On average, results can be seen in 5-8 months. 

Since genetically sensitive people have high levels of DHT, reducing DHT levels can be an effective way to maximize hair growth results from treatment. Additionally, some people may not even need therapy once DHT levels are under control. 

The Rise of Home Laser Hair Growth Devices

With the success of low-level laser therapy, many researchers have conducted a variety of studies and were able to demonstrate that treatment was effective for androgenic alopecia. Studies were conducted with both laser caps and combs with treatment sessions lasting ten to fifteen minutes a day for a period of four months. Over this four-month period, scientists identified a significant increase in hair density, primarily at the temples and vertex. Most participants in the study showed impressive results in three months. This study also concluded that treatment was just as effective as common medications and minoxidil.

Research is ongoing in order to determine how this type of treatment can affect patients who have recently undergone chemotherapy treatment. Additionally, how to increase hair growth with home remedies using all-natural products can also help to boost LLLT results. 

LLLT Devices That Work 

These home treatment laser devices are often handheld units that do not heat targeted tissue, unlike aesthetic and surgical lasers. Instead, this therapy emits a low level of light that’s absorbed by the mitochondria, which will then increase the production of cellular energy helping to heal surrounding tissue. This type of procedure can be compared to the photosynthesis in plants, in which the rays from the sun are absorbed by plants, then converted into energy in order to promote growth. 

What are the Disadvantages of Home Medical Hair Growth Laser Device?

Currently, there are no known side effects associated with LLLT therapy when used correctly. 

Some of the user guidelines include the following:

  • The laser therapy device should never be placed over the thyroid. Studies have shown that LLLT treatment can compromise thyroid function 
  • During treatment, manufacturers recommend wearing protective eyewear. Additionally, looking directly into the light can cause retina damage. 
  • LLLT treatment in pregnant women is not recommended as studies regarding the effects of therapy on fetuses have never been conducted. 
  • Never use LLLT on potentially cancerous lesions. LLLT can stimulate the growth of existing cancer cells. 

How Effective is the Laser Hair Growth Cap Treatment?

Low-level laser therapy might not work for everyone. If the molecules are not able to respond adequately to the absorbed light or the molecules are not able to absorb the light, follicle stimulation will not occur. Clinical trials showed that treatment is more effective in people with minor to moderate hair loss, especially when used in conjunction with hair restoration medicated shampoos and treatments. These studies also showed that LLLT used after a hair transplant procedure worked to minimize hair follicle inflammation. It also enhanced hair growth by as much as forty percent compared to patients who did not try home LLLT treatment. In terms of how effective treatment is, treatment must be repeated routinely in order to maintain hair growth results. 

Home Treatment Versus Office Treatment 

People who purchase the best laser hair growth device as an alternative to surgical hair restoration treatment can benefit from easy access to consistent treatment through the use of laser caps or combs. These devices feature laser light that’s generated from a low powered cold laser. While many users claim treatment has been very effective in regard to new hair growth, there have been no clinical trials conducted that specifically target home treatment methods. 

At a dermatology office or plastic surgery practice, laser therapy is administered using laser hoods or helmets which emit hundreds of lasers that are placed close to the scalp for a period of twenty to thirty minutes per treatment. Compared to home devices these machines can obviously offer more laser power. They often come equipped with several panels of one hundred or more lasers per panel. These lasers work to treat different areas of the scalp at the same time. However, these in-office treatments aren’t cheap and run an average cost of four to five thousand dollars a year. 

Handheld devices claim to offer the same benefits, but at a much more reasonable price. These devices have been categorized as non-significant risk devices. When compared to in-office treatments, these at-home devices are significantly more affordable, with prices ranging from two hundred up to eight hundred dollars. If you decide to try one of these leading at-home models, make sure you choose one that’s been cleared by the FDA. 

Fast LLLT Facts  

There are many hair growth treatments that have been proven to be effective, but LLLT therapy easily blows them out of the water. Especially in terms of benefits and budget. With laser treatment, there are typically zero side effects. This makes it a very popular option when you compare it to more intensive treatments and surgeries. Here are some reasons why we feel this type of hair regrowth treatment is so promising for people suffering from alopecia: 

  • This is a non-invasive treatment and one that comes with no risks, unlike hair transplants 
  • Some specialists even claim that treatment will not only encourage new hair growth, but it can also improve the texture, strength, and appearance of existing hair.  Users have reported that after a few weeks of treatment their hair is noticeably softer and thicker 
  • Consistent treatment can halt hair loss. Some clinical studies found that most patients who tried laser treatment not only experienced hair growth, but they also experienced less hair fall following treatment
  • Home treatment is one of the best hair growth tips for men in search of a gentle approach to hair regrowth
  • People who undergo hair transplants can expect to pay over fifteen thousand dollars for a complete treatment. Home laser therapy is more affordable costing only a flat fee and offering years of use

However, as with many types of cosmetic treatments, there are always going to be drawbacks. To start, whether or not treatment can actually encourage new hair growth is still not determined. When compared to other proven methods, there are some pitfalls to treatment. Unlike a traditional hair regrowth procedure, which can be completed in one to three days, LLLT treatments will require several sessions each week. This will continue for several months depending on how responsive the scalp is to treatment. Plus, this type of hair regrowth system will usually require ongoing treatment for the rest of your life in order to continue to retain new growth.

However, some specialists have noted that it’s possible to taper off treatment once optimal hair growth has been achieved. Treatment may not be effective in late-stages of thinning or baldness. Some studies have shown that LLLT is much more effective during the early stages of hair loss. Because of this, treatment in the later stages may not be a viable option. 

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