Two Tools Every Stylist Must Own – Style

Two Tools Every Stylist Must Own – Style

Curl expert Leysa Carillo unboxes her Supersonic professional hair dryer. “No tool ever felt complete until I tried Dyson,” she says. “I can trust that if I pack my Dyson tools in my kit, I have everything I need regardless of my models’ hair type or texture.”

Ask any stylist, and they often have a handful of tools they choose from when it comes to finishing their clients’ hair. Maybe they have a hair dryer that allows them to rough dry quickly, and another that fits a diffuser attachment, or they have a flatiron that’s gentle on over-processed hair, and another that doubles as a styler.

But today’s top stylists are reaching for Dyson’s Supersonic™ professional hair dryer and Corrale™ styler for all-in-one solutions to blow drying and thermal styling.

“Although there are features on some tools I like, no tool ever felt complete until I tried Dyson,” says internationally recognized colorist and curly hair expert Leysa Carrillo, founder of Forever Curls Academy. “The moment I first picked up a Dyson tool, I could tell so much thought was put into every feature.”

Customized heat control, sleek design and high-performance technology unite in Dyson’s professional hair tools, allowing for effective styling with less reliance on heat, across all hair types and textures.

“I’ve been doing hair for more than 15 years and I own a ton of tools, but when I travel*—and I travel all the time to teach and educate on stage at beauty shows—I only pack Dyson,” Carrillo says. “I can trust that if I pack Dyson tools in my kit, I have everything I need regardless of my models’ hair type or texture.”

Stylist Stephanie Hodges smooths her client’s hair using the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer, and Corrale styler. “When I first got the Dyson Supersonic dryer, it was because it’s a Dyson—I am Dyson for life,” Hodges says. “Once I started using it—there’s nothing I don’t like.

Precision + Control

Engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with controlled styling, the Dyson Supersonic™ professional hair dryer helps increase smoothness by 75%, shine by up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%.**

“I’m a busy stylist behind the chair and Dyson helps me be efficient in that it doesn’t take me an hour to blow out a client with thick dense hair, and I don’t have to worry about scorching my delicate double-process blondes,” says California-based stylist and extensionist Stephanie Hodges. “I love that I can efficiently dry and style my guests and get them on their way so I can keep my day moving.”

Featuring a compact head for greater precision, along with the motor housed in the handle, the head of the Supersonic dryer is shorter, allowing stylists to be more precise during close-up styling.

“Even with rough drying I have control,” Hodges says. “The dryer feels good in my hand, so I don’t get hand cramps even if I use it up to 10 times a day.”

Specifically engineered for low noise, the Dyson Supersonic™ digital motor V9 is acoustically tuned to reduce noise and be less intrusive in salon environments.

“I can truly have a conversation with my guests while blow drying their hair,” Hodges says. “Not only is it quieter, but it’s probably better for my hearing long term.”

Leysa Carrillo demonstrates a favorite technique to diffuse curly hair using the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer.

Attachment Versatility

From managing whirls and cowlicks, to frizz control and flyaway prevention, Dyson’s Supersonic dryer attachments are designed to dry, style and tackle hair challenges. Each is engineered for even heat distribution, precise styling and fast drying.

“The attachments let me pick the right tool for any job,” Hodges says. “For my fine-haired clients susceptible to damage, new moms with delicate baby hairs, those with dense hair extensions or my clients who need detangling, the attachments let me completely customize the dryer to fit the suitability of the guest that’s in my chair.”

The magnetic attachments—including a precision concentrator, wide-tooth comb, gentle air, diffuser and the flyaway attachment—feature 360° rotation, as well as Dyson Heat Shield technology to keep their surfaces cool to the touch to easily swap out attachments for bespoke finishing.

“I often felt like brands forget about all the feelings, all the struggles, and all the aggressive services people with textured hair have gone through over the years of trying to manipulate their texture—chemical straightening, detangling, keratin treatments, sitting under hooded dryers for long periods of time,” Carrillo says. “With Dyson, finally there is an option for gentle styling that causes less damage.”

Prior to using a Dyson Supersonic, Carrillo would start her curly clients under a hooded dryer before using a diffuser to avoid unwanted frizz. With the Supersonic diffuser attachment, Carrillo says, the airflow is so gentle, yet so effective, she achieves fast drying without frizz or friction.

The airflow is so controlled, in fact, that Carrillo often diffuses using two Supersonics on the same client at the same time.

“I can be on one side of the head and my assistant on other, or I can hold two dryers on one client at the same time,” she says. “That’s how lightweight the dryer is. Not only can you control the hair way better while diffusing so it doesn’t blow over the place, it dries so fast.”

Leysa Carrillo uses the Dyson Corrale™ styler to create smooth, sleek styles, as well as curls and waves, featuring a cord-free option, copper flexing plates and Intelligent Heat Control. 

Corrale Styler

As an educator and social media creator, Carrillo is often taking before-and-after photos and filming tutorials, and calls the cord-free option the Corrale styling iron offers a “game changer” for stylists.

The Corrale’s copper flexing plates shape to gather hair for extra control, enabling enhanced styling with less heat and less damage; and responds to the thickness, texture, and length of hair and automatically controls the temperature for optimal styling results.

“I was making a video and trying to follow the light coming from the window, I loved that I didn’t need to deal with cords or plugs to get the shot,” Carrillo says. “I sometimes triple-book at the salon, and it’s amazing that I can roam from chair to chair with my tools without having to unplug anything.”

To learn more about Dyson’s professional tools, as well as exclusive pricing available for stylists

visit or call 866-861-2565.

*As voltage varies per country, please follow guidance on usage abroad.

**vs. naturally dried hair. 

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