Ulta Beauty Elite Stylist Slays Blondes, Bobs and Extensions – Color

As a member of the Ulta Beauty Design Team, blonde specialist Reva Haga (@reva_danielle) gets to work on some seriously cool hair projects. The award-winning team of top-tier Ulta stylists creates amazing looks for editorial campaigns, social media, and live education events all over the U.S. It’s the dream for a lot of Ulta stylists looking to up their game and broaden their experiences within their professional careers.

But even though she loves traveling the country with her talented teammates, nothing beats styling her beautiful regulars at her hometown Ulta location’s salon. “My guests make every day the best day,” she reflects. See how Haga makes these blondies feel their best.

Big Chop

Haga assists this client in undergoing a huge hair change. She removes her length and brightens up her color, giving her a stunning blonde lob. Commenters on this post even express how much they want to chop their hair after watching!

Layered Bob

This blonde bob gets a full refresh using ALL the foils. The seamless root shadow, layers, and subtle curl complete the look, and we can safely say that it’s fire.

Lots of Length

Look at this satisfying comb out—not to mention that expert blonding and extension blending. Haga includes a useful tip in this post: “When formulating for a root shade, shift the tone family, not the level…The cooler tone of the base will absorb light, giving the effect of a shadow without having to drop the level.” The joy on this client’s face in the end says it all.

If you find yourself wanting to become part of a passionate, dedicated team on a mission to spread the joy of beauty, Ulta Beauty is the perfect setting to do so. Your local Ulta could be your new cozy career home.

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