Welcome to our Iles Formula “Deluxe Spa” Ritual

Welcome to our Iles Formula “Deluxe Spa” Ritual



Do you set time aside on a weekend for your own special beauty ritual? Ours is usually on a Sunday morning when the house is quiet and we have a lazy day ahead of us.

Personalise and make this moment yours. Setting the scene by lighting a scented candle to suit your mood, perhaps a green moss or something more floral like white tea blossom. Float some opera through the house, or settle for quiet piano music, or just simply relax in your own quiet solitude.

Whatever it may be that sets your mood, it’s worth this extra effort for a memorable moment.


The Iles Formula Deluxe Spa Ritual is designed for all hair and scalp types. That’s the beauty of Iles Formula, our formulas are all perfectly pH balanced.

Once the ambience is in place, start with a scalp exfoliation to remove dead cells, sebum and product build up before cleansing and nurturing. We’ve received great reviews from users who are achieving phenomenal root volume following their scalp exfoliation.

Our Scalp + Body Exfoliant is made with macro fibers of sustainably sourced rice husks. Wendy, our founder, opted for this husk which dissolves more slowly, instead of sugar and salt, giving time for a more thorough exfoliation especially in areas like the scalp where the product needs to be massaged into the area section by section.


– Thoroughly wet every section of hair.

– Scoop a nut size of Exfoliant. Using all finger contact in circular movements, start massaging through the scalp section by section. Use a little water if necessary and continue adding Exfoliant as needed, ensuring to reach the back and sides of the scalp.

– Comb through to loosen any further scalp debris.

– Rinse well with warm water until all rice husks have dissolved.


– Apply one or two pumps of the Iles Formula Shampoo . Add more water, not more product to activate the lather and wake up the root extract that replaces the sulfates. You should have an abundance of lather when carried out correctly.

– Shampoo twice and rinse very thoroughly. In cases of dry hair, extremely fragile hair or hair breakage, allow the lather to sit on mid lengths and ends of hair for up to a minute. This will help to heal the hair and starts the process of stopping breakage. 


– Remove excess water and apply the Iles Formula Hair Mask generously to the scalp and through the lengths of the hair. Allow the mask to penetrate the hair for 5 – 20 minutes depending on its condition and your desire. This is now your moment to relax. You may want to add a shower cap or plastic film and cover  it with one of our turbans  to prevent drips annoying your mediation moment.

When ready rinse well.



Do not squeeze out all the water, leave the hair quite wet before applying conditioner.

– Apply Iles Formula Conditioner to the mid lengths and ends according to hair length and density Comb or wet brush the conditioner through, starting at the nape of neck moving upwards. The comb or brush will deliver the appropriate amount of Conditioner to the roots.  This conditioner works very quickly usually the moment the hair has been combed through its feeling like repaired silk.

That’s the moment to rinse the hair.

Place your hair in the Iles Formula Turban Towel. This micro fibre turban will absorb excess water from your hair and cut down drying time. The button loop system will also allow you the extra comfort of a secure towel on your head if you opt to continue your soak in the bath.

– Finish off with a blow out with the Finishing Serum or Curl Revive.

Please avoid using any traditional styling products such as mousse or hairspray that freeze the hair’s memory with plastic-like coating and destroy the entire seduction of what Iles Formula delivers to the hair; our signature soft, lustrous, sumptuous, repaired hair with an organic movement. Allow that texture to live freely.

Read on if you’re feeling like learning  Wendy’s fool-proof red carpet blow out technique! Why not? Finish the day on a glamourous note.


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