What would you like to see from ColourPop this year?

*Apologies for the incoherent mess, my brain was going faster than I could type or even keep up with, so normally I’d delete this, but what the heck*

A LONG time ago they made they contour and highlight stix that were about the size of their lippie stix (kinda like Kim Ks were) while the formula wasn’t spot on, I wish they had worked on it and re released it..
Also, FIX YOUR CREME EYELINERS! they arrive dried up 50% of the time, snap and crumble, you can’t warm them up on the back of your hand because they WILL snap and all will fall out.. also please find a way to keep your lip liners themselves from falling out of the pencil, and the lids aren’t secure enough IMHO and have come off and liner popped out, causing a mess in a large makeup bag (just glad it was in one)

OKAY, ENOUGH NEGATIVE NANCY. I hope they keep focused on quality (not quantity) and expand instead of shrinking their cream product selection as a whole (I love their cream highlighters and back when all they sold were a few liquid lippies and 4 or 5 highlighters, that’s what I really fell in love with, Lunch Money, Hippo, and Monster was my first purchase along with Alyssa Liquid Lip I think), also keep putting out the cream shadows (can’t remember the exact name and can’t be bothered to walk down the hall to check, it’s 545am) ESPECIALLY mattes (idk if it still is the case, but there’s only been 1 matte shade of them for years, a mauve-ish color) I love the shimmery and glittery ones, but I’d love some mattes to lay down below them.
Also, I’d love to see a small focus on single shadows, perhaps releasing them in bundles that are cohesive so it’s still easy for someone newer or not so new, to go, ok these shades go with these, but I don’t want all 12, only these 5 and this champagne shade…

IDK clearly just a bunch of shower thoughts thrown into a jumbled reply…

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