10 Gigi Hadid Hair Colour Evolution We Heart

10 Gigi Hadid Hair Colour Evolution We Heart

We’ve all been there. You want something that’s refreshing, stands out, and speaks volumes about your personality.

And what better muse than Gigi Hadid?

With her dynamic approach to hairstyles, Gigi has given us major hair goals throughout her career.

So, if you’re looking to reinvent your locks or simply get inspired, let me walk you through Gigi Hadid’s hair transformations that left us in awe!

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Golden Blonde 80s Curls

Heidi Klum’s 2015 Halloween Party

These curls were more than just a Halloween hairstyle; they were a glowing up tip, proving that what’s old can be wonderfully new again.

Gigi Hadid’s blonde hair seemed like it had been kissed by sunlight, and when combined with wireless hair curlers, it gave those perfect barrel curls reminiscent of the 80s. 

Straight Medium Brown High Fishtail Braid

Balmain After Show Party 2015, Paris

From Gigi Hadid with brown hair to blonde, she’s rocked it all.

But this high fishtail braid wasn’t just about the colour; it was a festival hair dream.

The brunette hair looked lush and was accentuated by the intricate fishtail braid that fell seamlessly, hinting at natural oil for hair treatments to maintain that shine.

Sleek Medium Blonde Bob

American Music Awards 2015

Speaking of transformations, how about Gigi Hadid’s hair short style for the AMAs?

This medium blonde bob was more than just a Gigi Hadid haircut; it was a statement.

The sleek look, possibly maintained with a touch of niacinamide for hair, was modern, chic, and perfectly aligned with the evening’s glam vibe.

Sleek Dark Blonde Bun

The Fashion Awards 2016 at The Royal Albert Hall in London, UK

Who said dark blonde couldn’t make a statement? This sleek bun did just that.

Gigi Hadid’s dark hair in this style was a lesson in understated elegance.

With just a touch of hair texture spray and a hypoallergenic shampoo to keep things smooth, she looked every bit the late-night show stunner.

Salted Caramel Hair Pinned on Both Sides

2018 Met Gala

The Gigi Hadid Met Gala hair moments are always a sight, and 2018 was no different.

The salted caramel hue was a trendsetter.

It was as if her locks had been nourished with sweet almond oil, shining and giving that ‘just-right’ texture.

Paired with her Gigi Hadid hair flip dress, she looked ethereal.

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High Curly Ponytail Shadow Roots

From the TommyNow Tommy x Zendaya Spring 2019 fashion show

Curls, curls, curls! The high curly ponytail shadow roots were a departure from the usual Gigi Hadid blonde hair.

It was playful, fun, and screamed runway-ready.

With a dash of argan oil and a curl refresher, those curls looked bouncy all day long.

Long Straight Red with Blunt Bangs

Post-breakup makeover photos for H&M and Ib Kamara

Post-breakup glow-ups have never looked this good. The Gigi Hadid red hair was not just a colour but an emotion.

From the blunt bangs to the fiery hue, it was a masterpiece, likely maintained with vitamin E oil for hair.

This look surely inspired many to ditch their regular shades for something spicier.

Tight Blonde Curls

Fashion Week New York Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2023

Yet another iconic Gigi Hadid blonde hair moment. These tight curls felt fresh and vibrant, perfect for the spring/summer vibe of Fashion Week.

This style, possibly achieved with quality hair extensions, showcased volume and depth, making us all wonder, “How do hair extensions work, and can I get that look?”

High Sleek Red Ponytail

2021 MET Gala

The redhead avatar was back for the MET Gala, and how!

This Gigi Hadid red hair was styled into a high sleek ponytail, giving a contemporary twist to a classic look.

Surely, a leave-in conditioner DIY was in the mix, as those locks looked absolutely ravishing and radiant.

Blown Out Blonde

76th annual Cannes film festival 2023

Last but not least, the blown-out blonde for Cannes was a sight to behold.

It seemed as if the locks had their own halo, possibly the work of halo hair extensions, proving once again that halo is the best hair extension when you want to add a dash of sophistication.

This Gigi Hadid hair flip moment on the red carpet will be remembered for years to come.

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Behind Gigi Hadid Hair Striking Transformations

Gigi Hadid Hair Colour Palette

The spectrum of Gigi Hadid hair colours is vast, ranging from vibrant blondes to sultry brunettes and even deep black at times.

Her adaptability in experimenting with hair shades showcases not only her style prowess but also a deep understanding of what works best for her skin tone and facial features.

Gigi Hadid Dark Hair Moments: The deep brunette shades Gigi has sported have often been lauded for their rich undertones, creating a stark contrast with her light-coloured eyes.

Bold in Black: Gigi Hadid black hair may not be her go-to look, but when she’s gone for it, it’s been nothing short of a statement.

Her Style Evolution

Gigi’s approach to hair isn’t solely about the colour; it’s also about the cut and style.

Gigi Hadid Hair Short Adventures: One of the most notable transformations has been Gigi cutting her long locks into chic bobs and lobs. The way she carries her short hair exudes confidence and highlights the contours of her face.

Diverse Gigi Hadid Hairstyles: Whether she’s walking the runway or the streets of New York, Gigi’s hair is always styled to perfection, be it cascading waves, sleek ponytails, or edgy updos.

Achieving Supermodel Hair Like Gigi Hadid

For those envious of the fabulous Gigi Hadid hair transformations, it’s no wonder.

While it might seem like a dash of supermodel magic, achieving such a glamorous look is rooted in dedication to hair health as much as it is to style.

Want to channel your inner Gigi?

Here are some tips you might consider incorporating into your hair care routine:

Embrace Natural Oils

While we can’t claim it’s in Gigi’s cabinet, many supermodels have been known to turn to natural oils to enhance their hair’s shine and softness.

Sweet almond oil, in particular, is a star, nourishing the strands and lending them a captivating sheen.

Choose the Right Brush

It’s not just about detangling; it’s about promoting hair health. Knowing the type of hair brush that complements your hair texture can make a world of difference.

For those chasing the Gigi Hadid hair style, brushes that offer gentle styling while caring for the hair are a must.

Days for Dry Shampoo

We all know that even supermodels have their off days. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, offering a fresh and voluminous look, especially when a full wash and style just aren’t on the cards.

Opt for Hypoallergenic Shampoos

With our hair exposed to a plethora of products and environmental factors, choosing hypoallergenic shampoos might be a way to keep the scalp irritation-free and the hair radiant.

Don’t Neglect Hair Health

As hair concerns are universal, including supermodels, a good hair loss serum can be pivotal in maintaining those lush, thick locks.

Prioritising hair health along with style could be your ticket to achieving that Gigi-inspired look.

By integrating these hair care habits and truly understanding what works best for individual hair types and style preferences, anyone can aspire to emulate the Gigi Hadid hair elegance.

It’s all about the balance between nourishing care and on-point styling!

Gigi’s Kaleidoscope of Colours

From the early days of her career to the present, Gigi Hadid’s experimental approach to hair colours and styles has been nothing short of mesmerising.

Be it the deep hues, the platinum streaks, or the fiery reds; each transformation tells a story. Each strand, whether nourished with apricot kernel oil or styled with a jade comb, speaks of her boldness, her ability to embrace change, and her inherent sense of fashion.

So, the next time you’re looking for hair inspo, remember this spectrum of colours and styles brought to life by Gigi.

It’s not just about changing a hairstyle—it’s about embracing a part of you that you might not have realised existed.

Because, in the words of Gigi, “It’s not just hair, it’s an attitude.”

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