5 Time-Saving Tips From a 6-Figure Business Owner – Career

5 Time-Saving Tips From a 6-Figure Business Owner – Career

It’s no secret to salon professionals that time is their most precious resource. Every minute saved is a minute gained for creativity, client satisfaction, and personal growth. As a seasoned stylist, I’ve discovered invaluable time-saving techniques that have revolutionized the way I manage and grow my business. My approach is rooted in fostering client relationships and empowering other beauty professionals to excel in their craft, and these tips will help you reclaim precious hours in your day and spend more time doing the client work that you love. 

Build Direct Client Relationships

Building strong relationships with clients is the cornerstone of success in the salon business. From the first visit, I have them fill out an intake form that captures everything about their hair history, needs, and preferences. After each appointment, I leave detailed notes and reference photos in my salon software, so I have everything I need for next time. These notes allow me to continue to delight clients and stay up to date with their latest preferences, and they act as an immediate refresher before an appointment. Personalized communication and attentive service not only create more loyalty but also drive repeat business and prevent professionals from continually having to source new clients. 

Optimize Your Social Media Presence 

A strong media presence is essential to showcase your craft and can be a direct channel to reach new clients. I’m active on major platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, but you need to take a strategic approach to each one. Instagram is where I showcase my most creative, trendy work to draw in clients looking for that aesthetic. Facebook is more broad and local-focused. Don’t forget to be mindful of your posts. Make sure your camera lens is clear and subjects are well-positioned. For salon professionals on social media, remember to pay attention to detail. Make sure your camera lens is spotless, your clients are positioned thoughtfully and carefully consider both the background and effects you incorporate, along with the music selection. Forgetting these elements can result in not capturing your work properly and not receiving the recognition you deserve. 

One overlooked platform I’ve had success on is LinkedIn. I keep my profile updated with my latest work and mark myself as “open for hire.” This has allowed me to book a full day with all kinds of private gigs, from photo shoots for corporations to commercial jobs. It broadens my network and connects me with a range of professionals who need hair services. Another platform that has done wonders for me in the early days was Groupon. Every client that I’ve found on the site has stuck with me. 

A man sitting in a chair with a brick wall behind him,

As a seasoned stylist, I’ve discovered invaluable time-saving techniques that have revolutionized the way I manage and grow my business. –Cuyler Engram II

Lean on The Power of Technology 

When I left the traditional salon setting and became independent in 2019, integrating salon software into my business was an absolute game-changer. After trying out different salon software in the past, I now use GlossGenius for my salon Loft 22. Not only did it provide an excellent booking system, but it also built me a beautiful website right off the bat. As I grew more familiar with the platform, I fell in love with how I could customize and automate everything. These days, I automate every aspect of my client communications from the initial forms and waivers new clients fill out, to the reminders that go out before each appointment. I can fully customize when those reminders are sent and what they say, it’s all tailored to my brand and processes. Best of all, GlossGenius recently added barcode scanning for inventory management, which streamlines that process tremendously. For the financial side of the business, I turn to Found, which helps me manage everything from cash flow to banking in one place. 

Encourage Online Booking 

As my business grew, I was overwhelmed with the influx of inquiries after running promotions or posting on social media. Clients would be texting and emailing me constantly to try to book. This created a lot of back-and-forth and there were too many chances to book something incorrectly. Manual appointment scheduling is a thing of the past. I turned to my beauty software GlossGenius to manage all the bookings in one place. It’s available 24/7 for my clients’ convenience and syncs seamlessly with my calendar, preventing double bookings. Clients can see my real-time availability and book exactly what they need, no effort is required on my end, and I can spend more time during the day with clients. 

Rely on Cancellation Policies 

Time is money in the salon industry, and protecting both is crucial for growth. Even with online booking, I’d sometimes get hit with last-minute cancellations and no-shows that disrupted my schedule. Implementing a direct cancellation and no-show policy is essential for safeguarding your schedule and revenue stream. In the GlossGenius platform, I’ve been able to turn it on automatically. Having these policies automated makes it easy to enforce them consistently without having to remind my clients every time they book. I simply have to click a button and the messaging goes out and keeps clients informed of my rules. As salon pros know, this is our version of an “insurance policy” — if no one’s in that chair, we’re wasting the time that could have been well spent with another client. 

Mastering time management is a foundation for building a successful and sustainable salon business. By being open to the power of technology, using social media creatively (and strategically), and going the extra mile to cultivate client relationships, salon owners can save time, maximize productivity, and exceed every client’s expectations. And, at the end of the day, have time for themselves.

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