All you need to know about the Luxy Hair Application Kit

All you need to know about the Luxy Hair Application Kit

At Luxy Hair, our mission is to help you feel like your most beautiful self, every single day. Whether it’s a special occasion, a stay-at-home self-care date or a Vaxxed (i.e. vaccinated) vacation you’re about to take. We believe that looking and feeling like your best self is achieved when your beauty routine is simple and effective, allowing you to enjoy every little step you take.

We’ve all pretty much got it down pat when it comes to makeup and skin care thanks to the plethora of information and self-care guides available—we’re looking at you, TikTok.

But what about our hair care/styling routines? A lot of women find that doing their hair is an arduous task, even if the end result is what they want. Between the sectioning, heat styling, hair spraying, scrunching, blow-drying and more, the process of styling can sometimes feel somewhat tiresome.

We’re here to make the process much, much simpler while also adding that aesthetic touch you’ve always wanted, with the Luxy Hair Application Kit.

What is the Luxy Hair Application Kit?

The Luxy Hair Application Kit is the all-you-need hair styling kit that is here to help you simplify the process of doing your hair, while also adding a luxurious touch to your beauty routine. Everything, from the look of the travel bag to each tool inside it speaks of luxury, style and function—elements that not only make the process of getting ready easier, but help you feel oh-so-good doing it.


What does the application kit include?

It includes a vegan saffiano leather travel bag, a pair of matte alligator hair clips and a pearlescent rat tail comb.

Vegan Saffiano Leather Travel Bag

This sleek and luxe travel bag is a black toiletry pouch with gold zipper detailing and has a gold Luxy metal logo to match. If you’re a girl-on-the-go, this pouch is perfect to throw into your overnight bag, a travel tote or even your handbag for easy reach and convenience.

Matte Alligator Hair Clips

The Luxy Hair Application Kit also includes two professional grade black ‘alligator claw’ clips that feature a soft-touch, matte black finish and a metallic gold silk screen Luxy Hair print. These hair clips make sectioning and styling so much simpler, without the ill-effects of your hair getting crimped, tangled or twisted into these clips.

Pearlescent Rat Tail Comb

The last, and definitely not the least thing included in this kit is the pearlescent comb that features fine teeth. These are polished to a smooth and rounded finish for an effortless glide. The rattail side of the comb helps with seamless sectioning making it easy-peasy for you to put on your hair extensions, section your hair to braid or get that perfect Gen Z approved middle part.

How do I use the Application Kit?

The hair application kit is designed to assist you in making storing, detangling, styling, and final touch ups to your #HOTD simple. You can use it to section your hair while putting in your hair extensions, use the alligator clips while straightening or curling your hair amongst many other things.

The vegan leather pouch is roomy enough to hold the rattail comb and alligator hair clips as well as any additional accessories like, a set of snag-free satin scrunchies, pearl hair clips, your every day lip balm and bobby pins.

Made of a very eco-friendly material the pearlescent rattail comb has anti-static properties that helps smooth out the hair and eliminate frizz—the dream for every girl who battles post-shower frizz, amirite?!


Your newest hair styling bffs, the alligator clips. feature a flexible, double-hinged claw design that adjusts to grip to your hair securely without pulling or damaging it. How many times can you remember re-straightening a section of hair because of a clip crimp? We see the struggle, girl. The non-slip grips on the handles make it easy to open and close when your hands are wet and/or when you are dealing with wet hair.

Application Kit Additionals

Signature Hair Curler and Application Kit Bundle

Pair the application kit with our signature hair curler and make it the styling bundle of your dreams. The 1” Luxy Hair Signature Curler is ideal for styling hair extensions, long hair and short hair alike. This 7.2-inch extra-long length barrel with a cool-touch tip will ensure your fingers stay safe, and you always have good hair days on-the-go!


Application Kit and Deluxe Styler Bundle

Applying and styling your Luxies can be an even bigger treat with this Bundle. The Application Kit has everything you need to master the art of application, plus use the Deluxe Styler to wash, dry, and style your Luxies with ease by suctioning on to any hard surface. Styling, drying and loving your Luxies has never been this easy.

Application Kit and Loop Brush Bundle

Keep your styling routine simple and luxurious with this Application Kit and Loop Brush bundle. Use this unique Loop Brush to glide through your hair seamlessly without causing any damage to your natural hair or hair extensions. Then go in for seamless styling with your handy application kit to style your hair and complete the look.





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