Is it accurate to say that Donald Trump is significantly bald and relies on an expensive wig? – WRassman,M.D. BaldingBlog

The evidence I’ve compiled indicates that Donald Trump exhibits a Norwood Class 5-7 balding pattern (the Class 7 pattern is depicted below). It appears that he underwent multiple surgeries, leading to the relocation of much of his remaining hair to conceal the frontal and top areas, albeit with limited success. Since Propecia was not available when he underwent scalp reduction surgery in the early 1990s, most men undergoing such procedures or hair transplants before 1997, when Propecia first came to the US market, experienced ongoing hair loss progression. Unfortunately for Trump, this would likely result in the development of am advanced pattern such as the Class 7 pattern, illustrated in the following graphic. 
New York City-based cosmetic surgeon Gary Linkov believes that the politician may have undergone five separate hair-transplant surgeries ( I know that Donald Trump received Scalp Reduction Surgery sometime in the early 1990s when this barbaric surgery was a standard treatment for hair loss found in the top and crown of the head. By its very nature, Scalp Reduction Surgery attempts to surgically remove the bald area, stretching and thinning the donor area (the rim of hair around the head). Add to that the claim by Dr. Linkov that he believes that Trump had 5 hair transplant surgeries, likely in 1990 (before FUE was invented), suggests that most of his residual native hair (that should reflect a rim of thick hair going around the back and sides of the head) was moved into the balding area, thereby depleting his natural rim of hair from his balding pattern.

Photos of Trump boarding Air Force One reveal a nearly bare back of his head, suggesting minimal hair in that area where he should have had a strong rim of hair 3 inches high. Additionally, recent footage this week shows exposure of his frontal hairline, a characteristic often associated with wigs (hair systems). It’s common for such hair systems to be secured using glues, weaves, and hair clips. Considering the cumulative evidence of (1) the lack of hair at the back, (2) the exposed scalp in the front as what appears to be the lifting of his hair system from environmental factors, and (3) the use of clips behind the ears used to secure a hair system in place, (4) and the effect of multiple hair transplants on a Class 5-7 patterned balding man’s rim of hair, it’s reasonable to conclude that Trump likely uses an expensive hair system. This system may involve gluing it to his scalp, weaving it with residual native hair, and using hair clips to secure it on the sides, where most of his remaining hair is likely located. Such hair systems often require regular adjustments every 2-3 weeks to accommodate the growth of native hair and then reattaching them. The hair is synthetic or human hair used to make hair systems and is often fixed on a lace platform, which is then glued to the scalp. The effects of these ‘lace’ systems are very effective if you maintain them properly. 

























The above photo reference showing his frontal scalp, see here:


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